GamerGaia Review: Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV, to many, is held as the pinnacle of fighting games. I’ve browsed around the net and seen it called everything from an art form to a revolution in fighting games, but my experience, coming into the game for the first time with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition was bogged down with an extreme amount of frustration and complex button presses. So much so that I find myself constantly getting more annoyed at the game than actually enjoying it. That said, underneath the frustrations lies a surprisingly in-depth and intricate fighting game that rewards the technical control users while whipping the button-mashers with a cat o’nine tails.

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GetoverHere1222720d ago

a 5.5!! are you freaking kidding me!?? This game is great. Where have you been your whole life.

jmobley2720d ago

this version apparently isn't, super is good though. plus you can just download the DLC online

jmobley2720d ago

Oh man, now I might just get super and download the DLC instead...when it price drops.

rmoar2720d ago

Well, it looks like I'm finally not the only one who doesn't care for Street Fighter.

jmobley2720d ago

it's more about this version particularly

TinaLauro2720d ago

I adore the Street Fighter line, and I'm not willing to give up on it yet. I hope my loyalty is rewarded!

honestpizza2720d ago

Finally! I am not the only one who hates Street Fighter!

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The story is too old to be commented.