Uncharted 3 Beta 1.04 Patch Notes

Naughty Dog: The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta 1.02 patch was released this morning in Europe and Asia, and will continue to roll out across all regions participating in the Beta.

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Sub4Dis2597d ago

worse than i can't party up with certain friends. was working fine yesterday, then patch hits, now i don't wanna play, cuz going solo is boring.

what's the point in owning if people you know can't see it?

Crazyglues2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

@ Sub4Dis

I'm sure they are just testing different game types and will bring back the mode you love when the final game is released..


Gray-Fox-Type02597d ago

I still can't use the record function of the cinema..after recording nothing happens and a edited version doesn't show up and once I jumpedinto a wall and floated there stuck until someone killed me :D

MidnytRain2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

"Fixed an issue where some players would gain cash/XP during the playback of some Cinema files"

They're fixing all the wrong things, XD. They NEED to fix the rewind feature. If you use it after changing camera views the game glitches out and won't let you move the camera.

Also, I want to be able to cut things out of a cinema. Like compress it.

JoGam2597d ago

Patience people patience.

Black-Helghast2597d ago

@MidnytRain: I agree. I did 13 kills in less than one minute at the beginning of Airstrip and I wanna like compress it and send it to ND but it doesn't let me. ):

Gray-Fox-Type02597d ago

That is nice! I got a six in a row spree with the same clip with the GMAL on chateau. That is what i want to record haha

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MGRogue20172597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

So, you wouldn't mind those "problems" being in the final retail version of the game then?

Exactly. Regardless of how minor the fixes are, It all leads to a better game.

Just thought I'd put my one bubble to some good use. :)

Adexus2597d ago

This is a pretty pointless update and these issues aren't exactly a priority to fix in my opinion. They could have put something worthwhile in the patch like, oh I don't know, access to that Yemen map that they've been holding off from us :(

DFogz2597d ago

You'll get access to the Yemen map on the 10th

-Alpha2597d ago

ND does a lot of tweaks without the need for a patch

Over one day, micro's effectiveness has seriously dropped and now everyone uses the AK in CQC

The aim assist in CQC needs to be seriously reduced, but u can see that ND constantly is tweaking and experimenting.

Burackus2597d ago

yea they need to put the micros power back u have to put 3/4 clip in some one then punch to kill them, its faster just to punch twice which usually means trading kills which suck. but for the most part i love it the only thing i think they need to do is lower the kick back of all the guns just a little bit then its gold to me

just_looken2597d ago

Exactly just like uc2 were the mp went from good to ok to people hiding in glitches and then to bs patch's after that it wnet to a casual crap mp. Uc3 started crappy and still is but whatever look at this gens stander's.

garos822597d ago

practically useless comment. its been out for just under a month and they already fixed touched up on issues 3 times. what do u expect a major graphics and gameplay overhaul every day?

jwatt2597d ago

Yeah because they took out one of my favorites 3 team mode

SCThor2597d ago

Is there a way to keep playing with the same people you just played? you know, like COD. Is annoying to finish a match and start over looking for new players when is easier to start a new match with the same players.

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Swiggins2597d ago

Is anyone else having some trouble picking up medals from treasure chests.

It works most of the time, but sometimes *especially on chateau* it won't do anything, my character just stands there.

pr0digyZA2597d ago

It happened once or twice to myself. My best is when you have to move the idol and it doesnt, work you see everyone standing over it and circling it pressing triangle hoping it gets picked up but its as if it is glued to the floor quite funny really.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2597d ago

I get stuck in the animation trying to high five a lot. I will attempt to do the high five and the character will glitch and wave the arms fast multiple times and on occasion I can get a high five to work.

garos822597d ago

i had this problem quite a few times before the updates but they said they patched the "invisible" treasure and havent encountered it since

red2tango2597d ago

Naughty Dog has done more work for a beta than Treyarch has done for their game lmao. Shows who cares. Love Naughty Dog!

Pintheshadows2597d ago

I haven't played for a few days. I've been on a Futurama binge and buying PC parts. What are the new game modes like?

DFogz2597d ago

Plunder = Capture the Flag* (read - treasure)
Lots of fun, kills don't count for anything other than earning medals, first team to 5 captures wins.

Hunter Co-Op - Imagine the previous Co-Op arena, but all Gold Rush, and instead of all AI opponents there are AI mixed with 2 real players. After a time limit you switch sides, medals earned while playing with the bad guys can be used to upgrade gear (weapons, armor, grenades)

clevernickname2597d ago

I still can't get used to the "walking" speed of the characters. It seems so slow.

Who2597d ago

The character movements are really awkward for me too. Doesn't feel like walking but more like drifting/skating. I know I'll be condemned for bad-mouthing UC but I think they could've done a better job with making the movements and platforming a bit more 'grounded', where you can feel the weight of the character. Despite this flaw, I still enjoy the UC series, its actually the reason I bought a PS3.

red2tango2597d ago

omg I'm not the only one. It felt much different than UC2. But Naughty Dog will tweak everything to perfection.

Ravenor2597d ago

Yeah, Uncharted 3 is just riddled with some minor flaws. It's nothing serious, it's what I would expect out of a real beta for a major release. Thats why they open these things up to the masses, to make sure I don't end up clipping into a pillar again on launch day.

clevernickname2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I have every confidence that ND will use all the feedback from the beta to fine tune the final game to perfection. They did the same with the last game.

If the movement speed stays in the final game, it's something I can get used to. I will just have to put more time into the beta, I suppose.

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