PlanetSide 2 officially announced with amygdala-stroking trailer

PlanetSide 2’s (finally official) announcement, at least for Matthew Keast, is the most exciting game announcement of the year – by a long shot. You may be asking, “What the heck is PlanetSide?” Well, the main thing you need to know is that it’s an MMOFPS, which should immediately prick up your ears if you love FPS games. “But wait,” you say, “I hate MMOs!” Have no fear: PlanetSide is almost nothing like the typical MMO, because it’s not an RPG, but an actual skill-based game, but with more players than you’ve ever encountered in an FPS before (MAG doesn’t even come close). It’s so amazing I insisted it be included in Gamesradar's Top 100 games of all time. And now, with PlanetSide 2 incoming, Matthew Keast have high hopes that gamers who would have loved the original game but missed out on it will finally see what all of (his) fuss is about. Matthew Keast don’t know if the sequel will actually be good yet, but he is more excited and hopeful for this game than any game in probably t...

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ATiElite2691d ago

Forget Battlefield 3 my ass.

Firefall so far looks better than this although PS2 has a long way to go.

Reefskye2691d ago

Looks better cos graphics = gameplay? Planetside had shite graphics for 2003 but it was one of the best FPS games id ever played and still is.. No game come close to the scale of planetside

ATiElite2690d ago

Firefall has some unique graphics and i've seen more gameplay of Firefall SO FAR. Only thing is Firefall might be really repetitive unlike Planetscape which is always changing

BUT......your right Planetscape was a HUGE ambitious game and hopefully PS2 is on the same level but more refined.

I'm looking forward to both

MidnytRain2691d ago

This is kind of what I expected Star Wars: Battlefront III to be like, except better.

chak_2691d ago

amygdala stroking. LMAO