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Sega Testing Waters for New Console?

Sega may not have the best track record when it comes to the success of any console they have released. This could be said about some of the many games that have been released from Sega as well. But could it be time for Sega to come back to making consoles? (Culture, Dev, EA, Next-Gen, Sega Dreamcast Collection, Tech)

Hitman0769  +   1549d ago
I think this could be a plausible test of Sonic the Hedgehog's relevance. The Sonic creator who has since left the franchise now talks about how he would love to work on a "Dreamcast 2".
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CrazyForGames  +   1549d ago
not only is it NOT going to happen because of $$$

what i want to know is why do so many people always say things like i wish sega made a new console or i want a new sega console

what has sega made this generation that would make people want their new console so badly
the only relevant thing sega themselves have made this gen is valkyria chronicles besides that ZIP
slaton24  +   1549d ago
vanquish was good and there has been a couple of others
darthv72  +   1549d ago
there is a difference
between the software side of sega and the hardware side. Software wise they have gone downhill making mediocre titles with a few diamonds in the rough. Not like the old days of sega programming with lots of hits on the genesis.

Hardware wise, sega knows what they are doing. Rivaled only by namco in the arcade market when it comes to well built games in the arcades. Thing is, people now a days are wanting more substance than the classic quarter muchers can produce. So while sega could build a kick azz console based off their arcade know how, they dont have the games to satisfy the longevity gamers are clamoring for.

If sega returned to the console biz they would take the place of MS in that the majority of the games would be 3rd party. Sega lost pretty much all of its talent when they closed the doors on dedicated gaming. They arent meant to be a multiplayer and the quality of their games is proof.

Sega programers developing for sega hardware is the equivalent of sony and their 1st/2nd party exclusive games. Best suited on their own dedicated platform.

The phoenix (rumored sega system a few years ago) may one day rise but I put as much faith in that like duke nuke'm forever actually coming out.

NukaCola  +   1549d ago
The Dreamcast is one of the greatest systems ever created and it didn't succeed. I think this is Sega's calling to not make another console. Sadly this is the way it must be, besides a 4th system never makes it into the market. Saturn, 3DO, Jaguar, all fall by the wasteside.
BattleAxe  +   1549d ago
Sega makes some of the worst games in the business, yet some people are completely delusional when they talk about how they hope SEGA comes back with another console. The SEGA Genesis was one of the worst console purchases I ever made, I should have gone with the Super Nintendo instead, since Nintendo's games at the time were so much better, and they still are today. Theres no chance of SEGA coming back fully into the console market, especially since they make some of the poorest quality games, and besides what would be the great selling point for a new SEGA console.....Sonic?....Please.. ..get a life people.
Bereaver  +   1548d ago
The SEGA zone is just a re release of their old games. a It does not mean SEGA is going to release a new system.

They just want to use cheap materials/production to make a little bit of money on the side reselling their things. I would buy it. It's cheap and it's retro.
TheDivine  +   1548d ago
They published beyanetta, resonance of fate, valkyria chronicles and few more really decent games. I agree they dont need a console though, their time has pased.
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1549d ago
SEGA games sucked for a loonnng time....Until recently Sonic generations looks good. Even though it would be interesting if they came back into consoles.

and the ancient old fanboy war will once a again begin...

Nintendo vs Sega..

Genesis does what nintendo dont.

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Criminal  +   1549d ago
Last Sega console I owned was the Saturn, which was ok. But, PS1 was supported much better, so I had to switch.
Drjft  +   1549d ago
I dunno. I'd like to see them get into the console game again but it's a tight market right now.
HurstDarkStar  +   1549d ago
I'd still buy it seeing how dreamcast was my favorit console.
Hayabusawoman13  +   1549d ago
I think it will be interesting to see, a new console in the market to give consumers more options.. plus there are Sega fans out there that will probably be happy. I will follow this one and see how it turns out.. I wont jump to quickly at buying one but wouldn't mind test playing it out to see if I like it...
sovietsoldier  +   1549d ago
NO! they had their chance and blew it, at this point we are better off with Sony and Microsoft.

now if Sony and Microsoft want to merge they have my blessing.
b163o1  +   1549d ago
We have our dreams don't we political
Ares84  +   1549d ago
I don't think that there is room for yet another console. SEGA failed once. Sonic will not be able to carry a console. Look at the Sonic games. Most of them are terrible.
Raven_Nomad  +   1549d ago
Well Sega certainly has the IPs to push a console now. Sonic, Bayonetta, Vanquish to name a few solid ones. I would love to see a new Sega console. I like many Sega fans gravitated towards the Xbox brand after the Dreamcast died.
Dlacy13g  +   1549d ago
Raven, while they do have IP's I would suggest that none of those IP's have strength in them to push a console. None of those IP's really commands purchase when they are released. Sonic is dead on a whole. Bayonettta and Vanquish while quality titles are not household names and sequels won't set the industry on fire at this point.

Its sad, because Sega did have a wealth of quality IP's that they pretty much have killed off or did nothing with them to the point that nobody would care about them if they did come out.
segamon  +   1549d ago
don't screw with our minds. but it's a wish i'd risk much to see come true.
chaos-lockheart  +   1549d ago
we already have too much consoles, please no more, i dont want to buy 100 consoles just to play their own games.
vgcgames  +   1549d ago
very interesting....
kma2k  +   1549d ago
After i left the 64 for dreamcast i vowed to never go back to nintendo, after leaving dreamcast for ps1 i vowed to never go back to sega (irelavent so far) but if they came out with a system i wouldnt give it a go. Ive since stuck with sony through 3 generations now & will be for a 4th, im going to soon buy a xbox360, so when the 720 & ps4 comes out i will not be interested in a 3rd system.

Having said all that, they could try to make a go at an old school battle of sega vs nintendo for the casual market. However the rumors of Apple getting into that racket to should make sega nervous. I have never looked at Nintendo as "Current get" with the wii, there wii u is catching up, sega could take a shot at that, however i personally dont think it would sell well.
kma2k  +   1549d ago
So after researching the "Sega Zone" its not a NEW system its one of those pathetic throw together systems with a bunch of old games pre loaded on it. Retail is like $60. Sega just sold there name to someone wanting to relase this crap. Just ignore it people & move on


Expect to find this at Big Lots in a year or so, most likely for $29.95 by that point
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RockmanII7  +   1549d ago
I wouldn't mind Sega making a console, but first they need to start making good games again. We need more Valkyria Chronicles quality games and less Sonic 2006 quality games. If they do do this I think the first step they should take is buying Platinum Games, they will need a good First Party to go up against Sony, MS, and Nin.
Kee  +   1549d ago
I wondered why sega fell off the console wagon. The megadrive was an incredible system for arcade-style games and obviously that was when sonic was at his best.
Dlacy13g  +   1549d ago
I highly doubt Sega has the cash to be able to effectively jump into the console market anymore. The brand on a whole is slumping...I wouldn't be shocked if they were bought up in the next year or two at their current state of decline.
prankster  +   1549d ago
the engadget article this refers to was posted feb. 2, 2010...is this legit?
No_Pantaloons  +   1549d ago
This is actually interesting. The genesis was a great system and while its a bit gimmicky to remake it with a wiimote, I'm sure enough people will jump on board. Collectors item at the very least.

However for sega the company, this is as close to being a hardware rival as they will ever become. They're software blows, and they would have nothing over the current gen competitors. I have all the sega home consoles and while I still cherish them, even I would have no initial interest in buying a new console from them. With the state of rabid fanboys today there's no way they could rally enough support to stay afloat.
256bit  +   1549d ago
sega said it themselves they will not be in the HARDWARE buisness anymore. they are only making games now.
Alos88  +   1549d ago
There's no room for a fourth console in the industry.
SpaceSquirrel  +   1549d ago
Three consoles is already enough for this market
Ummm Da Dum  +   1549d ago
dont care how they do it or what console its on. JUST GIVE ME SHENMUE 3
gumgum99  +   1549d ago
why do people keep thinking they are gonna make another console? All of Sega's games are on other systems,you know.
tweet75  +   1549d ago
theres not room in the market for another system to have big success
BlackIceJoe  +   1548d ago
If Sega ever gets back into console making I will be there day one. I have had no complains with the game systems they brought out before. So what ever they bring out would be cool with me.

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