End of the Week: The Achilles's Heel (Is Gaming Becoming too Expensive?)

I was walking around my local Gamestop earlier yesterday, looking for some bargain that I could possibly take advantage of. Maybe a few old DS games like Final Fantasy A2 or Rune Factory. Or possibly a couple old Xbox games, as my original console is in pristine condition and I’ve been craving that nostalgic feel. When I walked past the counter, holding my $25 copy of Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition, I struck up a conversation with the clerk about preordering future video games. That’s when it hit me. I’m going to be spending $500+ on games in the months between August and December.

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Anarki2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Yes... Yes it is..

Games for PC are reasonably priced however..

richard9192537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

yes games are way to over priced.

$65 for the game is ridiculous. $65 is especially too much money to spend on something that you may end up not liking. add another $10 to play online for some games. since when do we have to pay to use a game feature? oh and dont forget DLC..shit that comes on the disc already but we gotta pay anywhere from $5 to $15 to access it.

Bonobo123452537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Recently switching to PC made me realise how expensive console games are.

But meh. Everything is too cheap when you think of it in a global scale.

Just be lucky we all have clean water to drink, eh?
If you own a console or PC you are in the top 5% of the worlds population, Isn't that something to be thankful of?

So next time you worry about how expensive things are and how unfair life is. Take a moment to remember how lucky you are to have the nice things you have.

(I know you have heard it before but sometimes we all need to remind ourselves of this powerful perspective)

Inside_out2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

If you are a multi-console owner and at this stage of the gen, who wouldn't be, the price is really astronomical, especially if you have children. The motion controls like Move and Kinect are really stretching the recreational budget. Add to that 3D which would require a TV if the health fears don't scare you and where does it all end...O_o

The price of games keep climbing as well and at this point in the gen, it has NOTHING to do with game development. These guys spend 100 million on advertising and pass it off through dlc and a lot of whining.

Why not make a good game and let it sell it self. EA buys a 15 second spot during the superbowl...O_o...for a game like Crysis or whatever else for millions and then wants everybody else to foot the bill. :/

With the Internet as big and popular as it is now, you don't need all the advertising dollars. Build a good game and word of mouth will sell all the units you need.

Gaming has become BIG, BIG business. They say it is the most profitable in all of entertainment...then why do they keep crying poor???

EA is by far the worst. These guys keep acting like they are losing money on everything when they basically keep releasing the same sports game every year...O_o

@bongoboob..." Everything is too cheap when you think of it in a global scale "......your right. Lets devalue the dollar, move all the factories to third world nations, cancel the constitution and destroy the middle-class and Unions who are responsible for 8 hour work days, 40 hour work weeks and child and safety laws that are preventing the rich from getting richer...o_0


Yeah it's too expensive but luckily my wife and I have great paying jobs so I'm making up for my child hood when my parents wouldn't buy me any games. I always had to rent nes and snes games. I did play a hell of a lot of games back then, but now I can buy whatever I want. It's a gift and a curse in a sense.

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