Are gamers bombarded with too many trailers?

Kezwar of GameFist writes: There’s something that’s really been getting on my tits for quite some time. I’ve reluctantly turned a blind eye, because the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are some of my favourite developers, but enough is enough.

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t0mmyb0y2507d ago

"getting on my tits"

Stopped there. And No. New Trailers usually mean something new from that game.

RedDead2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I like that phrase...

Also with the trailers..just don't give too many spoilers(FFXIII anyone?)

Winter47th2507d ago

There's no such thing as too many trailers.

CaptainMarvelQ82507d ago

i hope that's a girl talking

Inside_out2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I always look forward to E3 BECAUSE of the

What I don't like is cut-scenes and especially CGI trailers which generally hides an inferior product.

Look at EA-Dice hiding behind game play that only exists on their fantasy PC. It's no different than CGI. It's purpose is to mislead and hide something that is inferior to the far superior COD that is going to wipe the floor with them this holiday...At least by doing that EA-Dice is telling the world that their game can't compete.

Epic, in complete reversal to EA-Dice schemers, ALWAYS show real, in game trailers because why lie, you'll only looked stupid when the game launches.

hikayu2507d ago

have you not seen any game for pc being shown before ? they always show the best it can , because after all : it is how the game is meant to be shown . if your computer is inferior to the requirement , how is it the dev faults ? what do you want them to do ? cater to your own specific pc ? what about those that spent thousands of dollars to build their pc ? do they have to bend over because you dont care about it as much as you do ?
man , grow the F up . Dice is a pc based dev , it is only recently that they started focusing on console . you should be thankful that they're making battlefield 3 for console . if you cant see how inferior cod engine is to bf3 ( bf3 is shown on console , and it still looks about 10 times better than cod) , then go and play your cod . im so glad people like you dont go and ruin everyone's experience on bf3 , the obvious contender for GOTY . while MW3 , will not .

strange19862507d ago

This article is stupid. Gamers aren't "force fed" anything. If you don't like trailers don't watch them. Very simple.

godsinhisheaven2507d ago

I like trailers, they are like movies.

YoMeViet2507d ago

I HATE TRAILERS! Give me lines of text describing what you want to tease me with the game.

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