Three Big Games That Are Missing In Action

DeltaGamer takes a look at some of the biggest games you won't bee seeing for a long, long time.

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MrSpace2542d ago

God if they brought Chell in to Half life SOME WAY and she could talk I would forgive Valve for it taking so long

Although what worries me that if it gets announced next year, it won't get released untill 2013. Doug said in an interview recently that we should hang on a bit longer.....what for two years ¬¬

Oh but no they want to talk about DoTA 2 instead...seriously theres more people who give a crap about HL3 then DoTA2

Azza_darklord_52541d ago

they should just made half life 3 or episode 3 for god sake ! great games they are we should at least get 1 more

Pintheshadows2541d ago

We will get but when Valve wants us to. With their track record I have reason to doubt it will be anything short of fantastic.

wallis2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I went to a restaurant the other day. I go there all the time and I really enjoy the food. I ordered the steak, which I know and I love, and is a high quality meal.

Thing is though, somewhere in the pipeline, things got muddled up. I placed my order and an hour in, no steak. So I ask, and I ask, and I ask, and I ask. My girlfriend gets her food, I've not got my steak. I'm sat in a restaurant and I keep getting told to wait because my steaks on the way. Meanwhile people are coming in after me and getting served.

After two hours I get my steak and you know what? Tastes alright, it's a steak worth paying for but I can't help but ask myself, "why the FUCK did this take so long to get to me?"

I didn't really enjoy that steak. Patience is a virtue but taking customers for granted isn't. If half life fans wait any longer we might as well write our own god damned conclusion to the series.

Pintheshadows2541d ago

To be fair mate the analogy doesn't work as Valve hasn't announced it yet so we are effectively waiting for nothing. Valve has a tendency to take a while on their flagship franchise and after Portal 2 I have no reason to doubt them.

Patience is a virtue but as gamers we are to impatient most of the time. Valve are not 3D Realms.

They are a shining beacon of what games can achieve. It takes a while to produce a third masterpiece after you have created 2. As far as i'm concerned they can take as long as they need to get it right.

Also if you think HL fans will lose interest ever then you are mistaken.

I do hate that in restaurants though. It grinds my gears.

bozebo2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

GTA5 will probably be announced Q1 next year for summer release, we would have heard about it already but they will have to delay everything to get the WiiU version tested so they can do a simultaneous release. Oh, and I have information confirming that it will be in san andreas.

Veni Vidi Vici2541d ago

It's coming. Valve just made the Source engine SDK free so that pretty much tells you they have been working on a new engine (Source 2?). What better way to showcase the new engine than with HL3? I think we'll get some new info within the next year or so.

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