Crysis 2 Double XP Weekend Exclusively for PS3

Net Media Now - "Crysis 2 is having a Double XP Weekend for PS3 only."

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Hitman07692664d ago

Awesome, gotta love double xp weekends.

Criminal2664d ago

Developers should have at least one double XP weekend a month.

bloodcell2664d ago

too bad no one is on this game anymore. that multiplayer died really quick

Criminal2664d ago

Yeah, it's a big problem for FPSs that aren't called COD, BF, Halo, and KZ.

HeavenlySnipes2664d ago

about 50 000 people still play KZ2 and Uncharted 2 online. More than enough to always find full games.

IDK about KZ3 though

evrfighter2663d ago

still more people playin cs and tf2

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2664d ago

I never even played it. I thought the beta was fun but I got distracted with other stuff after beating the campaign.

I have a voucher for double xp too. If I use it this weekend I wonder if that would be quadruple xp.

NukaCola2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Interesting idea. The beta was shotty for me, but I played it when I bought the game and I have to say it is dogcrap online. The campaign was outstanding though.

Dark_Vendetta2664d ago

Nah I don't think the MP is dead. I go online every few days to play some matches and I have no problems to find a game (at least on the popular game types). Still the MP could have been so much better with just a little bit tweaking. I have to admit it took me ages to get into it, but once you manage to play fast and with adaptive tactics, it's kinda addicting. Still, as I said, minor tweaking would be welcome

saoco2664d ago

it's because not many ppl play this game

fooxy2664d ago

instead of stupid shit like that they should focus on mutlipayer issues which this game is full of (at least on consoles)

Garethvk2664d ago

Its a good idea. I had alot of issues with the PC version in terms of getting it to connect for online play.

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