New PS3 Ad Finally Gets PS3 Ads Right

Kotaku: Games, games and more games. (Oh yeah, Blu-ray and Home, too.) This new Sony ad packs in a lot of info in a short amount of time. Best part? It doesn't annoy the crap outta us.

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HeartlesskizZ3978d ago

An ps3 ad that I love =) the music goes well with it =)

JsonHenry3978d ago

Yeah, Sony finally got one right.

HarryEtTubMan3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Stfu ugly biotch.... always scavinging PS3 acting like you're smart and know how the PS3 works... You don't know sh!t.... stay in the 360 threads if thats what u like... and prepare to get owned

360 Stealth Troll!!!

BlazinEurasian3977d ago

Thats a good commercial break.

BrianC62343977d ago

Up until now there hasn't been that much to show for the PS3. But now Sony has a lot of great games either out or coming out soon as well as a ton of huge games for 2008. And now that the price is so low it's the perfect time for this ad campaign. Sony isn't dumb. These ads wouldn't work so well for a $599 console. But at $399 people will be a lot more interested.

Next year will be huge for the PS3.

unsunghero283977d ago

I've always thought that image to the consumer is (next to price) the biggest weight on the PS3's sales.

Now that people know the PS3 isn't just a $600 calculator, I think the beginning of... well, the beginning is finally here for the PS3.

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xhi43978d ago

agree, this add is mad! The music is hectic!

kingboy3978d ago

I hope Europe gets same treatment

hardmetal3978d ago

Great ad. It all started since I presented CastlevaniaX commercial video. Sony & I have something in common.

Go Sony Go

ktchong3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

There isn't any clip of Lair in the ad!

wil4hire3978d ago

in the recycle bin..

However, there is a dragon in the ps3 monster. if you lo0ok... and not troll.

Omegasyde3978d ago

Wasn't two worlds suppose to be a "oblivion killer"? I mean sure Killzone was labeled a halo killer, but man Two Worlds sucked and even had the nerve to put that guys comment on the game box.

crck3978d ago

when the only thing someone can troll about is the absence of Lair. It took you guys long enough but good job Sony.

thereapersson3978d ago

You can see a dragon head in the onyx mass. I guess that ties in...

Shadow Flare3978d ago

After the guitar gets smashed, there's a dragon that breathes fire. That's Lair

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