Resistance 3 Beta Drawing Sign Up Begins today

That’s right. Today Insomniac games revealed that Players in North America will be able to sign up for the resistance3 Beta.


For those who are not in North America. These Codes are for North America PSN Accounts ONLY, however you should be able to sign up still an use it on an American account.

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firemassacre2510d ago

the multiplayer looks amazing

himdeel2510d ago

Only sign up once. If you try multiple times no beta for you! I just wonder if the voucher in Socom 4 starts at the same time as this drawing.

Nitrowolf22510d ago

Yeah. Be careful people. I think this is afterward. IDK maybe it's for closed beta, it does say starting soon, but then again August is next month

BubbleSniper2510d ago

I keep getting the Forbidden error.

thebudgetgamer2510d ago

i hope psn+ members get in.

Heartnet2510d ago

I got excited :D then let down as i read North America only

DrRichtofen2510d ago

Can't you just make a NA account?

Heartnet2510d ago

Aye :) thought since there selcting they might check ur in NA or sumin xD haha

i see update now :)

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The story is too old to be commented.