L.A. Noire Soundtrack Now Available Exclusively at Rockstar Warehouse Website

L.A. Noire's soundtrack is full of glamour and darkness, and now it can be yours! Rockstar is releasing the L.A. Noire soundtrack exclusively through their Rockstar Warehouse online store. If you can't wait or don't want to pay shipping you can also purchase the soundtrack via iTunes for the same price.

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pungello882714d ago

I really loved the music in this game, I will definitely be getting this.

TinaLauro2714d ago

I'll have to grab this- the soundtrack is very authentic and atmospheric.

GetoverHere1222714d ago

I was honestly expecting more out of this soundtrack. The sound editing and audio in the game were great, but the songs themselves not so much. There had to be a ton of great music from that period and they didn't exactly pick the best in my opinion.

DangerousDanMcGrew2714d ago

I disliked how you couldn't pick what you listened to in the car. It was just random.

pungello882714d ago

Yeah that would have been a nice addition but now you can hear whatever whenever!