Mortal Kombat DLC that could have been.

While additional characters, costumes, and fatalities are cool, GameCasa begins a discussion on how it's been a missed opportunity not have an additional story mode released as DLC.

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Mr Tretton2690d ago

I refuse to buy any MK DLC because the online is terrible.

Funny that they were saying before release that it was soooo stable, sounds more like lies. Never heard a company brag about how stable the online is before release.

Love the game, glad I got amazon credit for it though to make it a $30 purchase, but the online is a huge failure.

Not the complete valiant return of MK it could have been. I expect a Street Fighter-esque rip off edition next year.

theaceh2690d ago

Mk online is pretty good. Not as fluid as street fighter, but it is far from terrible. King of the Hill is just pure FUN!!!

Cereal2690d ago

They could always release Cyber Shao Kahn and have the storyline be about him being weaker in robot form and Shang Tsung would clone a new Shao Kahn from the blood of the dead one. Cyber Shao Kahn would then hear about this and enter the tournament to prove that he's the one and only Shao Kahn and attempt to get his body back but then realize how he's powerful in any form and doesn't mind not having his original body anymore as he rules the world as Cyber Shao Kahn.

Fullmetalevolust2690d ago

This is so crazy, it might actually work! I don't see any baby mama drama tho, could you add that?

MWH2690d ago

my only major disappointment is Shao Khan's voice, they should've hired Steve Ritchie again for his memorable voice in classic MKs, not only Shao Khan's voice he portrayed but he was also the announcer.

chaolankennedy2690d ago

You weak, pathetic fool! You suck!