Top 10 Video Games of the Past Decade

"Man! This year for video games has been crazy! We are seven months into the new decade and there are already tons of must play titles, but before we continue forward, wanted to take a look back at the decade we just left as they choose their picks for the top ten games of 2000-2010. To make the list, you not only to be a great game, but innovate, or be relevant to pop culture in some way."

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Nick2120042690d ago

I agree with a large chunk of this list, but never really got into World of Warcraft. If I made the list, God of War 3 would have definitely made this list!

tmanmushroom2690d ago

Ahhh, there are so many good games to choose from!

mbsaeger2690d ago

I agree with the list besides World of Warcraft, and Persona 4. God of War 3, as well as Gran Turismo 5 definitely should have made the list.

Mac is OK2690d ago

Good list, it's only missing Resident Evil 4 and Red Dead Redemption IMO.

solar2690d ago

half life 2 at #9 is ridiculouis. that game did more for gaming than a majority of that list put together.

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The story is too old to be commented.