Gamer Gaia Preview - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

In this prismacolor Bible throwback of a game, you play as a human scribe whose blissful stay in Heaven is interrupted by God's decision to punish humankind by purging the Earth with a deadly flood. Seven of His angels, tempted by their dealings with a race they were meant to guard and protect, have descended to live among humans, which doesn't sit well with the big guy. Heaven's resident Earthdweller - that's you - bargains for a chance to pursue these wayward angels, capture their souls and bring them back to God; as a reward, Earth will be spared.

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pungello882716d ago

This game looks pretty cool, not what I'm used to but I might check it out for variety

jmobley2716d ago

ah games with anime in them, how you make me smile

GetoverHere1222716d ago

Looks a lot better than the bible games I had to play as a kid.

jmobley2716d ago

do you remember the bible game on PS2 haha

GetoverHere1222716d ago

I wish, I'm talking the Super Nintendo Bible Blasters haha

TinaLauro2716d ago

Haha! Moses games on the CDi- beat that! :P

ares21al2716d ago

This is the First Game im looking forward to in quite some time I love games that are a bit different

DanielComfort2716d ago

God is upset! Appease him or he is canceling your Friday plans!


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