Nintendo Wii U 'Transcends' Anything Before It, says EA CEO

Nintendo grabbed the spotlight at E3 by unveiling its new Wii U console with tablet controller. Game designers across the globe are busy brainstorming ideas for how to take advantage of the Wii U tablet, and one of the strongest supporters is clearly EA. John Riccitiello even took the stage at Nintendo's conference for the first time, and IndustryGamers recently picked the CEO's brain on what makes Wii U so appealing.

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BeastlyRig2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


NO I want one.

The fact that they are going hardcore & are completely open to 3rd party software & services is great! I want steam on wiiU!

donniebaseball2690d ago

I actually think there will be some really cool applications to make use of that tablet controller.

jacen1002690d ago

yea its being slated tho the way the wii was b4 release, but i rekon by talk that nintendo are doing things right this time, anything with more power than the current gen nomatter who makes it will be a hit, and ofcourse the open network is a real bonus

matey2690d ago

Seems going off Valves comments and Epics that the WiiU is more in line with high end PC and with 3rd party networks like Steam/OTOY/ect and open online 4 MMO's wow a more than positive feedback of system power and Upad,Video chat,Rumble,Voice chat,Touch,Motion controls,WoW 1080p Native at 60fps or higher cant wait.

Achtung2690d ago

Wii U is sounding more and more awesome every day.

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