The Fight Of Fighting Games

With Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition released a couple of weeks ago and both Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat being out for a few months now, fighting game enthusiasts are hotly debating on the interwebz which of the three top dogs should be crowned king in this resurgence of fighting games. Of course people have different opinions and all three games are great and offer very different styles of fighting despite all being 2D fighters, so We Got This Covered is going to break it down by category to determine a winner.

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Doctorofreality2718d ago

Mortal komabt was always simplistic and relied too much on cheap gore. Street fighter ha some seriously history, and depth to match it

MinimeJer052717d ago

Mortal Kombat wins every time!

Wick2717d ago

I've never been able to get into fighting games. They're somewhat entertaining for a short period of time, but then I get bored very quickly. So, I haven't played Marvel vs. Capcom or Mortal Kombat. The original version of Street Fighter IV was decent.

Pozzle2717d ago

That's what I like so much about Mortal Kombat 9. There's so much to do, I don't think I'll get tired of it for a loooong time. There's the story mode (which is one of the best plots in a fighting game ever), the 300 challenge missions, the ladder, online mode, and of course trophies/achievements.