Mass Effect 3's Deluxe Edition an Origin Exclusive

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "Grim news, Mass Effect fans. EA has decided to split up your Steam deluxe collection.

According to an advertisement on the site for Origin, EA's attempt at a Steam competitor, the Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect 3 is available now available for pre-order. This exclusive Deluxe Edition offers the N7 Arsenal Pack, the completely unexplained Robotic Dog, and the inevitable Squadmate Alternate Costume pack.

Expect to spend $79.99 on the Deluxe Edition, and $59.99 on the standard edition for your pre-order."

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BeastlyRig2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

If the expand your service into something great by then. I might buy it!

hmm the regular version anyway.. $80 nah!

No_Pantaloons2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Pulling all their top selling games into being "exclusive on origin" is the only way they can build its user base.

Of course the whole point for consumers is that no one wants origin in the first place. So its back to the same old game, do you submit to their will or refuse and buy retail.

Nate-Dog2717d ago

Lol I don't think charging people an extra $20 for some poor in-game extra content is really going to win people over to your service EA.

PooEgg2717d ago

I don't use steam, but still I find this type of manipulation unacceptable. It is time for fans to start saying no to unfair exclusive deals. If nobody buys them, EA (and their like) might get the message and rethink their crappy strategies.