This Generation of Gaming: Part One

XF wanted to look at this generation of consoles and breakdown the pros and cons of each system; to see how gamers will look back on the 3 major consoles of today. Read on for part one which covers the current negatives each console brings to the table.

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DrDreadlox4056d ago

A reasonably balanced article, but it did favour the 360 a bit.
When I first heard of the next gen consoles i wanted to go with xbox for some reason but decided against it when I saw how fast it was rushed out. I guess I saved myself from a RROD or 2.
The multiple sku argument just makes Xbox issues look mild compared to the other 2. I don't think anyone cares about that. A better argument would have been how the 360 is not as future proof as it could have been.

As for the PS3 issues, comparing the inclusion of bluray with the RROD is just ridiculous. So while some people are enjoying HD movies, some equally "unfortunate" person is getting their console fixed. And then comments like

'Just to keep things fair, we’ll only do two mistakes per console' and 'While some people may want to argue that the Cell processor should have come in at number two'is a very sly way of trying to say that the PS3 has a lot more issues than the others. Very fair indeed (sarcasm).

Finally the Wii. When I heard how much it was selling, considered getting one (for maybe my mum or sister or something). But what put me off was that the so awsome controller was not even rechargeable and i needed batteries for it. And that i couldn't even play a CD, let alone a DVD? Well, at least its making money so that next time Nintendo can give us a real console.

ukilnme4055d ago

Just play what you like and be happy. I bought a Wii first. I was once scared of the RROD but I said the heck with it and bought a 360 and I bought a PS3 a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy with them all.

andy0014055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I don't see how this article can be unbiased when written by an xbox site. As far as the 360 goes then there are a number of things which they could have done better. They could have released the 360 later, thereby solving any quality issues and also not abandoning all the xbox customers they already had, and also having a better launch lineup and xbox live features like background downloading etc. in place. They could have made the SKU's simpler and not charged for every little add on required for modern HD gaming (rechargable batteries, Wifi, charging kits, Xbox Live Multiplayer) and they could have made their console perform better by including a HDD in every SKU. Then again, they have sold 11 million or so consoles but this is way behind where they wanted to be, and have adjusted targets downwards on a few occasions, and have done some creative accounting to engineer a profit this recent quarter (due to charging all warranty costs in the quarter before)

As far as Sony goes then they wanted to market this as more than a games console, that was clear. It had all the addons built in as they believed people should get them in the package (rechargable controllers, Wifi, HDD, Bluetooth, Memory card slots, PSN Multiplayer), and use their PS3 as a home media hub, a cheaper media PC if you like, but a media PC which can play games better than any media PC at the same price.

Unfortunately, the message was rejected by the media (following MS FUD regarding Blu Ray) and therefore rejected by the consumer, or rather, not accepted by the consumer enough to reach the targets Sony made for sales. This was really because the Sony package wasn't completely finished, and just like MS before, they added features later, and it took a while to release compelling games.

The Wii has done nothing wrong (except online multiplayer and friendcodes), but they will find that the core gamer audience will perhaps not stay with them this generation, but then again, maybe they never had the core gamers anyway, as Mario, Zelda etc are still designed for the casual gamer or a younger audience.

vilmer4055d ago

The "pros and cons" of this generations consoles as reviewed by XBOXFAMILY.COM. I'll pass.