A Look into the Future. Playstation 4. (Rumors about release)

The Playstation 3 was released in 2006 and today it has a worldwide unit count of over 50 million. Paying notice to Sonys release pattern, Sony is due for another console.

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jaredhart2664d ago

Looking foward to the PS4. Hope that it's a giant leap forward.

Paradicia2664d ago

It's a fake, but it's a good fake :)

MysticStrummer2664d ago

What's the bet? No way it will be that long.

kramun2664d ago

Only if Sony are suicidal.

ChozenWoan2664d ago

Sony and MS have stated that this gen will be 10 years long. That means that the next gen wont start until 10yrs after this one did. So lets do some math.

X360 released in 2005 + 10 yrs = 2015
PS3 released in 2006 + 10yrs = 2016

Factor in the economy, current console and game prices, release of Kinect & Move/3D push, as well as X360's early lead this gen. All indicators are that 2015 is the most likely year for the next gen of consoles.

Denial of these facts and trying to force the next gen to release early would actually hurt the gaming industry more than help it.

Anyone who just simply must have next console gen graphics and gaming should build a PC and just move on. This console gen is locked in and heading for the back nine. You don't have to love it, but you will have to live with it.... or you could do the world a favor and...

RegalPrince2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

@ ChosenWoan

Yea this generation will last ten years but that doesn't mean that a new generation won't come along. Two generations can coincide together. The same way PS2 did with PS3.

I can't believe you guys really think it'll be another 4-5 years before we see another console. WTH are you guys smoking?

Yeah, Kinect and Move were released but they dont offer any viable substitutions for next gen consoles especially Kinect, which I consider to be a "leap frog" type accessory because of all the youth games for it.

I would prefer the next gen consoles come out between 2012-2013 and co exist with this gen. Mark PS3 and 360 down to $150-200 and make it cater to casual crowd and release the new kids on the block (8th gen) for the people that want the next generation consoles at $400-500.

You mentioned 360's early lead....thats more of a reason to bring the 8th gen consoles. These machines are 5-6 years old and counting.

frankymv2664d ago

Dream on.

With Ninty launching Wii U in April 2012 and MS practically confirming the 720 in fall 2012, do you think sony will sit around with its thumb up its ass?

Sony will sell the PS4 along with the PS3 in incorporate a 2 console strategy as they always have.

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morkendo2664d ago

seen video on youtube 720 1,000.00 ps4 1,200.00 are you kidding?? ps3 was to much @ 674.00 with tax.

b163o12664d ago

Shouldn't cost too much, the Cell and BluRay is what pushed the PS3 price up so far, and if what I've heard is correct that they're using the Cell in the ps4 it should keep the cost down. IMO we will hear something about the ps4 from Sony it after next year(2013)

jdfoster002664d ago

It was too much for a gaming system but not a media system. If you remember that for a blu-ray player was cheap/.....

MrSpace2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I doubt they would add Kinect style motion controls

Come on...Sony isn't stupid. They know where gamers stand with Kinect, if they wanted to do this they would of sold out core gamers ages ago.

BrianG2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

They have tested the water before with the Eye Toy and PSEye, both being successful in their own rights.

It seems Sony realized some gamers want motion control/camera integration. But not all gamers want it. So they make it optional like you see with their big releases.

KZ3, optional, Socom 4, optional, GT5, optional Eye support, Resistance 3, optional, etc... etc...

I like having the option of using what I please since I own a Move setup. It is also nice to see Move integrated throughout entire games, Single Player and Multiplayer instead of just minor support that doesn't change the game. (Meaning Gameplay experience)

EDIT: Well that's why I said it is nice to have options. I love the standard controller, but motion controls are fun sometimes. I get not everyone likes them, but don't pretend EVERYONE doesn't like them.

I want a DS4 for PS4, I expect it. But I wouldn't be shocked if there were motion control options to go along with that.

MrSpace2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

What about if they game dosen't need to change? Theres nothing wrong with standard controlers we have now so that should be their main focus.

If people want the option then fine but I'm sure people can wait untill after the PS4 is released for tacked on motion controls...sorry I mean gimmicks.


sinclaircrown2664d ago

"Theres nothing wrong with standard controlers we have now so that should be their main focus."

How did people evolve this far without your input???

MysticStrummer2664d ago

No it won't be Sony's version of Kinect. I'd say it will simply be another version of Move, and it will be optional. At the most, it will be a hybrid between Move and Kinect.

NiKK_4192664d ago

which, IMO would be the best combo, an improved kinect camera, and either the same move setup, or even an improved one (even though i doubt they would do that yet)

sinclaircrown2664d ago

Its not about selling out. Its about catering to all gamers.

Hardcore gamers act like casual gamers will ruin the world. Not everyone has the time for hardcore games/ NOt everyone has the patience either.

Some people really enjoy games at parties. I'm sorry but if I've got 20-30 people at my house, the Uncharted or Halo isn't going to be much of a party game.

The minute any casual games get hyped up its suddenly "They don't care about core gamers" blah blah blah.

MrSpace2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

"Hardcore gamers act like casual gamers will ruin the world"

Well they kind of ruined Microsoft, if the Wii didn't make gaming so mainstream and casual then Microsoft wouldn't want in on there sales and spend resources creating Kinect, ditching their main loyal audience for more money.

Microsoft would probably have some great exclusives this year, instead of all this Kinect crap. Hell...there E3 conference could of been the best this year, you never know.

The point is this is Sony, the last console who havent ditched the core audience. They brought move out, sure but they didn't shove it down people's necks like Kinect.

So please don't mind me for being a little....sorry scrap that, really skeptical about this rumor if it is true.

WhiteLightning2664d ago

Got to agree with MrSpace here, look what casual gaming has done to Microsoft. It's fine with the Nintendo Wii because there was balance. Sony/Microsoft were core and Nintendo Wii providing games to all gamers, but then Microsoft wanted in and they've turned on the audience who made them what they are today and now Sony might do this next gen. I'm sorry but Sony should take a step back and just stick to what they do best, provide core gaming to gamers, that's why 2011 is full of their games.

BrianG2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

To MrSpace and WhiteLightning

The casual did not do that to Microsoft. Microsoft did that to themselves.

Sony have embraced the casual, for YEARS now. The difference is they did not abandon the hardcore gamer. They simply offered solutions for both crowds and everyone in between. Not focusing too much on one over the other.

Microsoft could have released Kinect and still delivered more hardcore exclusives, they chose not to. That is not he casuals fault.

EDIT: Like WhiteLightning said "that's why 2011 is full of their games". Sony is delivering a good quantity of core games for the core gamers. But at the same time 2011 is seeing the release of Move enabled titles. A good example of catering to the "Gamer", whether core, hardcore, or casual.

Jocosta2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

It would be cool to mix motion technology with something like the tech behind Eye of the Beholder, imagine being able to hold a virtual gun or sword in your hand.

clearelite2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

That would be better accomplished, imo, with the Move and an updated camera. I don't think they will abandon us gamers because they can differentiate between a fad created by marketing and something that is timeless.

Actually being able to hold the Move in your hand ADDS to the immersion because you associate what you are doing on screen with what you are actually holding in your hand.

I think Sony has shown already that they will continue to make hardcore games, but also cater to nubs and casuals without too much of a focus shift.

Jocosta2664d ago

No need to get nasty and bring up Move, it was just an idea to enhance motion gaming, I did not mention Kinect.

clearelite2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I wasn't getting nasty, sorry if you construed it that way. I was only stating that holding something in your hand adds a tremendous amount of feedback and can actually enhance the experience. I didn't even click the disagree button....
The rest of my response wasn't really directed at you, but rather, people that are worried about Sony shifting too much focus over to the casual market. I should have been more precise.

MysticStrummer2664d ago

You weren't being nasty. It's funny that he would take it that way.

trophywhore12664d ago

Yer babayyyy! Late 2012 would be perfect, ic ould get my hands on the sweet sweet power of the vita and ps4 at the same time. *DRUEL*

thebudgetgamer2664d ago

i imagine next gen will be more about ironing out wrinkles more than adding more horse power, things like adding more memory and loosening some bottlenecking.

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