Online Franchise Mode Goes Untouched for Madden NFL 12

After being introduced in Madden 10, Online Franchise mode has been left without improvements. That will not change with Madden 12.

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allyc4t2270d ago

This is absolute bullshit. Is it really that hard to add salary caps and free agency to online franchise? 2k5 had it, why is it so hard for EA to do?

NoOoB1012270d ago

ugh I agree...i love playing online franchise with my friends but it needs some improvement like what allyc4t said.

slate912270d ago

Terrible, just terrible.

What do they do for a whole year? Sit around and see what bullshit gimmicks they can add like game plans and shit? Can't even think of what they are called.

I promise, if the demo doesn't impress me I will wait out for 2k. I don't care how much it hurts me.

ViserysTargaryen2270d ago

What the hell is this year's gimmick anyways? Can we crowd the sidelines and trip the returner now? There really isn't anything left to add.

Cerberus292270d ago

What?! A madden game releasing with features unchanged from last year, how shocking!

richard9192270d ago

Online Franchise Mode Goes Untouched for Madden NFL 12

that sounds about right.

NoobJobz2270d ago

Entire game goes untouched for Madden 12.

I don't understand how a game 7 years old is still better than these Madden games that are just now coming out.

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