Is The RPG Genre Dead?

Joel Taveras writes, "This isn’t meant to upset or stir fans of the genre, more of an observation of what I’ve been noticing as an industry trend lately. Last week Nintendo upset enthusiasts across the US with their reply to “Operation Rainfall”. The fan-led localization initiative and it’s followers were let down after being told by Nintendo that they had “no plans” of releasing the titles in question in the US any time soon. And while some would argue that the error is on Nintendo’s end, maybe they see something that the rest of us don’t. And come to think of it, I don’t think they’re the only company out there that feels this way."

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Godmars2902270d ago

Only because no one is doing it right on HD consoles. Are too focused on graphics and the first person perspective. Sorry, I've just been into having to walk everywhere.

And BTW, Tadus never really existed. Technically.

versusALL2270d ago

not its not dead, its just taking a vacation this gen, don't worry it'll be back next gen.

JohnColaw2270d ago

Part of the problem with people not wanting to call their game an RPG is that the term "Role Playing Game" is kind of a misnomer, at least in video-games...isn't EVERY game technically you Role Playing?

That's a different problem though, but I've always found that a strange name for a genre.

Tzuno2270d ago

why make an rpg when you can make a 3d shooter with multiplayer and dlc that can cash in a lot of money. All i see it's 3d shooters. The true Rpg games died with ps2 and the father of them all is Super Nintendo period.

Abriael2270d ago

Actually Mass Effect 2 is not as good as it could be exactly because Bioware reduced the RPG elements. That's so evident that they promised to reintroduce as many as possible in Mass Effect 3.

Overally, I completely disagre with your analysis. The RPG genre is fully alive, and several great RPGs come out each year.

Skyrim is one of the most anticipated games this year, and the few lonely poor sods that dared to post negative (and completely unfair) reviews of The Witcher 2 got a kick in the face and their credibility by a ton of angry fans of the genre.

Despite some trollish wannabe journalists trying to paint it negatively, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will still sell in the several millions, and people will probably enjoy it quite a lot from what we have seen.

Kingdom of Amalur is gathering lots of attention as well and will probably turn into a sleeper hit.

That's just a few examples, but there's plenty more. The RPG genre is far from dead. It may be less popular than it was before, but it's undeniably a very profitable venue for many developers. That's beyond any reasonable doubt.

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