Vivid Gamer: School 26 Review

Elizabeth Burnette of Vivid Gamer writes: "Being a student can be tough. Moving from school to school numerous times can make that even tougher. School 26 has gamers playing as a teenage girl as she tries to make the 26th school the final one. Silicon Sisters’ debut title looks like a game fit for girls in the same age group as the one you play as. It is nice to see an unique title that doesn’t involve dress-up or make-up for young girls. But does School 26 have enough to satisfy even the everyday gamers?"

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rrquinta2714d ago

Sounds like a cute game. I definitely agree it's nice to see a game aimed at tween girls that isn't about make-up or other stereotypical crap like that.

theherp802714d ago

yeah lol it does remind me of internet ads or like the esurance ones