1Up or Game Over? The Never Ending Debate Of Videogames & Health

Kat Cole discusses the pro's and cons of the gaming lifestyle and just how your favorite hobby could be affecting your health, amongst other things.

From the article:
"...the incessant health warnings in relation to the medium are unlikely to curb your habit any time soon. Nevertheless, the wisest decisions are informed decisions and so here is a break down of the various pros and cons of being a great big gaming nerd that have been previously discussed by health practitioners and the media alike."

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Biggest2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

How is this a debate? The truth is that ANYONE with a sedentary lifestyle will incur health problems. It has nothing to do with video gaming itself. The pros listed are also not exclusive to gaming. If ANYONE does ANYTHING similar to the pros mentioned, they have the possibility of the same outcome.