Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Week 2 Impressions (

Grant of writes:

"Naughty Dog has changed the game types in the Uncharted 3 beta. In replacing of Co-op Arena for Co-op Hunted, and Three-Team Deathmatch for Team Objective, just how well do these modes stack up? Hit the jump to find out."

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Dlacy13g2714d ago

For TDM play I am not finding this to be the be all end all...but the "horde" mode definitely will get play come retail release.

admiralvic2714d ago

I agree co op arena is very fun; same goes for plunder.

ShinMaster2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

the hell is horde mode?

Survival? Co-op Arena?

admiralvic2714d ago

Horde is what people call the modes in various games where you just fight enemies nearly endlessly.

Resident evil - the mercenaries.
Red Faction - Infestation.
Uncharted - Co Op Arena

ShinMaster2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yeah... as far as I'm concerned, those are forms of survival mode.

Why can't people just call it that? Or better, by their respective names.

Solidus187-SCMilk2714d ago

I love the team deathmatch. I actually will buy uncharted for the multiplayer.

I own people in team deathmatch tho, so maybe thats why I like it so much.

I played one game today tht ended up being just 2 VS 2 for most of the time and we destroyed them while I went 33-9.

Im excited about the multiplayer of the final game. Im defiantly going to crappy SUBWAY in October so I can start playing the full multiplayer early.

Anyone know anything about that subway/uncharted 3 deal thing going on in October?

TheLiztress2714d ago

I've enjoyed playing the different modes though I still swear that playing with people I know is more fun.

maniacmayhem2714d ago

So far ive just played team death match. Love pulling people off a ledge.

Game is cool, though i swear it takes a whole clip from my ak47 to kill one guy.

ncstatefan9532714d ago

I'm really enjoying the beta.

younglj012714d ago

This game is freaking crazy.Before this beta was released I wasnt really into it.My reason is because of UC2 MP.In that game tha hit detection was way off mark.I could be standing beside 2 people shooting at them my crosshair is turning red and everything but they don't die.

But after reaching level 39 I have too say Uncharter 3 have won GoTY.The feeling you get while playing this game is unbelievable.Only game that give me a rush everytime I picked up tha controller is MAG.

EA and DICE your beta of BC3 better blow me away.Because at this moment UC3 is tha only game I'm looking forward later this year.

Sony please dont rush out a PS4 because if Uncharted 3 is this amazing think about if more developers get help from ND.If this is done right Sony tha PS3 can reach that 100 million sold mark.If MS and Nintendo want to release new consoles let them.Just because they are new dont mean they will have awesome games.

Sorry for this rant but I just got time too express my opinion on a couple of topics hope ya'll dont mind ;)

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