Limbo dated for PSN, PC

Gema: "A year after its initial release on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Limbo is set to awe PlayStation Network and PC owners. Developer Playdead has announced Limbo will launch on PlayStation Network in the United States and Europe on July 19 and 20, respectively, with a Japan date “to be announced.” It will launch worldwide on Steam on August 2."

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M-Easy2716d ago

That soon, damn. Still not interested in an emo side-scroller though.

T-K47x2716d ago

Your loss. Looks awesome...

Gray-Fox-Type02716d ago

This was a great indie game, same calibur as Braid. Great its coming to the PS3 no aswell. Hope it has a platnuim trophy..

b163o12716d ago

Ahhh yes the Platinum. I will second that one my good man.

fluffydelusions2716d ago

Heard it was good but too short for the asking price.

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ksense2716d ago

Sweet. can't wait to check out the buzz around this.

consolez_FTW2716d ago

awesome! I getting this as soon as it comes to PSN
@ M-Easy, This game isn't emo, it's called art. I think someone is insecure much?

DarkTower8052716d ago

Lol, that's insane! I'll have to try that one out while waiting for Limbo.

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