VGChartz gamrFeed¦ 5 Ways to (Actually) Make FIFA 12 More Realistic

'Every year, with each new FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer that is inevitably announced, the same spiel is always spouted in the same identical question and answer sessions by a producer with a slightly better haircut than the previous incumbent.

Without doubt he (it normally is a he) will mention the improved player likenesses, despite them still looking like the USSR female weight-lifting team. Perhaps, also, he will mention improvements in touch, movement and the like. Finally, he will hit the holy grail; realism. Realism is that mythical enigma that every sports game wishes to achieve; to create the closest possible representation of the real thing. . .'

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Spectator12687d ago

Knew diving would be on the list when I saw that image :P

TheDareDevil2687d ago

Great Article, I pretty much agree with everything. Diving is something that really needs to be implemented in FIFA. Hate it or love it, it's a part of the game. It will be super-fun if implemented, but since this game has the FIFA tag, it's highly doubtful that diving will ever be implemented in FIFA

JTrotter902687d ago

FIFA, that well known organisation of integrity and moral fortitude :p

DoomeDx2687d ago

Funny how DareDevil replies on every VgChartz saying its awesome.

AKA He works for them

TheDareDevil2686d ago

@DoomeDx Funny, cause this is the first time I remember praising this site.
Funnier, If I worked for them why would I submit news from Eurogamer, CVG, ARS etc.

kthsdlr2687d ago

Nice article, sir. Well thought out.

Duke_Silver2687d ago

yup, the ref thing would be annoying but it would play out moire realistically.

Series_IIa2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Boning a bit of crumpet on the side, then trying to get Super Injunctions...

...Make it a mini game.

Hot Coffee 2011

qwertyz2687d ago

how about make it pc exclusive? that way proper ai will be possible

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