Steam Summer Camp Sale: Day 9

What has Steam got in store for us with only a few days left in the sale? Click on to find out.

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ViserysTargaryen2689d ago

Thank god it's almost over. The internet can't take much more of this and my wallet is in ruins.

Series_IIa2689d ago

No point playing Amnesia unless you have a headset and dark room... It just completes the experience and makes the game even more AMAZING.

ViserysTargaryen2689d ago

That game makes me feel like a total craven. Sometimes I'm so scared shitless that I have to quit and walk it off. Pathetic really :(

callahan092689d ago

Hah, when I saw the word "craven" in your post I was like "Wow. Craven? The only place I've ever heard that word was in A Song of Ice and Fire books."

And then I looked at your avatar. It all makes sense.

MikeTyson2689d ago

Got both Mass Effect games for $13 bucks!

Errod882689d ago

wish i had the cash to buy these :(

ksense2689d ago

trying to figure out if i should buy the splinter cell pack or wait for the hd remastered collection for ps3

chaos-lockheart2689d ago

well the graphics on the pc will still be better, but the controls for the ps3 will be better cause the first 2 on pc only works with keyboard and mouse, but you can use 3rd party programs to configure it though.

BlackKnight2689d ago

I actually found it the opposite. First person aiming is better with the mouse obviously and I actually prefer how the mouse wheel lets you control Sam's movement speed PERFECTLY, while with a controller, you need to very carefully bend the analog stick at just the right point to get the speed you want without making too much noise in the game world.

2689d ago
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