New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Footage - Cities and Immersion

Gaming Irresponsibly shows more brand-new content regarding Deus Ex, and developers explain the lengths they went to in hopes a player would feel totally immersed.

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agentxk2714d ago

With all this hype, this game better be awesome

blitz0x2714d ago

I'll give it this: it LOOKS amazing.

StarWolf2714d ago

i already played the preview build when it leaked. ITS AMAZING. I WILL buy. This is a GOTY nominee . Better than any game ive played this generation

Pintheshadows2713d ago

Absolutely agree. The leaked build was so unbelievably good that i'm just bored of everything else in my collection. The only complaint I could level was the AI went a bit crazy ONCE in my 6hrs of playtime. Everything else was top notch.

maskren2714d ago

They're making me buy it through Amazon just to get the Tactical Enhancement Pack. Boo.

1PC2PS333602714d ago

this game is in SEVERE NEED of anti-aliasing!

It looks like they are using a big whopping NONE!

please say that in the final pc build 16xq CSAA will be implemented natively

I cannot stand all that buzzing of fine lines in the backround

When I first got Mass Effect 2 on PC I could not play it, the jaggies were intolerable, but they patched it two days later and forcing 32x smoothed everything

ASSASSYN 36o2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

From august to november I am buying a new game beginning with deus ex.

RedSky2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

If they wanted people to feel really immersed they would have gotten rid of those awful quicktime sequences already.

RedSky2713d ago

Do people seriously like being pulled out of the action to watch a looped sequence you've seen 100 times already?

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