The Workshop Column: Far Cry 2 - Part One

The Workshop is a weekly column written by Nathan Hardisty. Focusing on game design, narrative and overarching philosophy, a new title is run through the Workshop each month breaking down its formula into a 4-part series.

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Inside_out2717d ago

I really enjoyed the game and is one of my favorite titles this gen. The whole " fictional " aspect of the labeling is by design. It doesn't matter if your talking about Star wars, Bioshock or Alice in wonderland...hiding meanings and sometimes not so hiding meanings is par for the course.

Far Cry 2 was a game that let YOU decide what it was that you wanted to do. Just drive around, unlock weapons through mini objectives or push the main story through to the end. Can't wait for Far cry 3...I hope they didn't change the game into a linear scripted FPS.

iamnsuperman2717d ago

I can see what you mean where you decide your plan of attack but that great feature was over shadowed by a poor enemy re spawn mechanic that meant doing missions more repetitive and just annoying. I hope they fix the issues in the next one as there was a lot of them