Angry Birds Review (GPT)

GPT: "It hurts being left off of the bandwagon. Surely nothing is as great as they say it is, but sometimes you just want to belong to whatever group is even semi-exclusive. The Angry Birds club is one such group I could only read about until last Wednesday. Microsoft has finally released Angry Birds onto the Windows Phone 7- for three dollars. If you're unaware, this same game only costs one dollar on both of the competing platforms Android and iPhone. Likewise, Angry Birds Rio and Seasons are still unavailable to Windows Phone users."

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tehReaper2663d ago

The cheapest games are 2.99 and sometimes 1.99 when they have a deal. Being able to compare achievements is something the other platforms lack.

Close_Second2663d ago

AB is a great example of casual gaming. Low cost, high return software will play a major role moving forward.

HacSawJimThugin2662d ago

I became a fan a few days wife too. We love it.