The Xbox 360 Is More Powerful than the Space Shuttle’s Flight Computer and Other Facts

Kotaku - Space Shuttle Atlantis is fueled, packed with astronauts, supplies and experiments, and waiting to roar its way into space as part of STS-135, the space shuttle program's final mission.

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lazertroy2664d ago

They must not be safe in space.

andron2664d ago

Actually they wouldn't be safe if the 360 was the main computer on the shuttle.

The reason for them having a simple computer on board the shuttle is that more complex machinery is more prone to failure and they need as reliable a system as humanly possible. Something the 360 is not...

Wenis2664d ago

Not to mention the shuttle was made using 80s technology

Perjoss2664d ago

Maybe you have not heard, all the new smaller xbox models are very reliable.

SilentNegotiator2664d ago

I knew they were cancelling the shuttle program and cutting back, but wow....

Of course, though. Most things are done remotely on these missions, anyway, right?

nycredude2663d ago


If you were going to space would you trust your 360 to be your primary computer controlling everything?

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Nitrowolf22664d ago

Actually they are. Using OS and tech would cause a lot of money. At least with what they have now they know they are much secure and it's a really simple software which can be really stable. Don't want to update to something and have years of trying to make it stable with their equipment.

Halochampian2664d ago

exactly which makes it such a pain when working at NASA. Everything is ancient. I can't tell you how many legacy systems we have. Pretty much everything NASA uses is either built by them or contractors.

IaMs122664d ago

Our calculators are more powerful now than the computers they used to send the first man to the moon and back.

cannon88002663d ago

Lets hope they don't get the red ring when in flight. That would be bad.

2663d ago
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Inside_out2664d ago

The Xbox 360 Is More Powerful than the Space Shuttle’s Flight Computer...but can the 360 take you on a trip to the INTL space

Don't kid your self...everything in a space shuttle is designed for a very specific reason and designed to run in very different/extreme conditions than a PC here on ground zero.

xtremegamerage2664d ago

LOL, old news.

They keep old tech in the space shuttle due to ironing out bugs and keeping it stable so it does not crash etc.

Imagine 360 red ring.

nickjkl2663d ago

31 seconds from launch we have a failure

Vortex3D2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Simple hardware and software design are easier to debug and less chance of bugs. That is why the earth PC that are hundreds of time more powerful crashes thousands or millions of times more often than Space Shuttle computer. You can't afford random computer error while the Space Shuttle is flight.

kudakadere2664d ago

who cares , we went to the moon in 60's tech that my old mobile can make more calculations than.

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