Top 30 best game heroes (and heroines) of all time

PCA: "From Miner Willy to Marcus Fenix: we count down our favourite pixel-packed heroes of all time. Read on to see who we crown Number 1 (it's probably not who you expect.)"

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qface642717d ago

number 1 was mohamad ali...

vishant1012716d ago

master chief

finest hour: halo combat evolved 2004


there is a few things wrong with the list but its a good read

ATiElite2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Good pick seeing how Ali was the only man ever to K.O. George Foreman and Ali K.O. Foreman when Foreman was in his PRIME!

As much as i like Gordon Freeman i don't think he could K.O. George Foreman.

csimpson2717d ago

Some good old school choices in there. I'd forgotten all about James Pond. Simon the Sorcerer is crap though.

fucadastates2716d ago

hell no. the first to Simon the sorcerer gamers where epic as hell. my first meeting with golum, got the hobbit and 3 tlotr for 80p. then got the second simon game. loved it.

now for the list. no kratos=fail

csimpson2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Kratos is a hero? He's certainly one of the best game characters but I wouldn't call him a hero.

Venox20082717d ago

pretty good list.. good to see Samus & Snake ..too bad that Claire isn't here

TheWolverine2716d ago

I think i could agree with 19 of the 30 on this list, but certainly not in that order. some are very questionable. its missing very notable icons. No chrono trigger alum, and c'mon at least mention Yoshi.

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