Screenshots Shows Phelps is Back to Work in New DLC, Reefer Madness

L.A. Noire fans have their calendars marked for July 12th, 2011, which is the release of the newest DLC “Reefer Madness”. In this Vice case, Phelps will work with his partner, Roy Earle, to disarm a highly-organized narcotics ring. Rockstar Games have just released new screenshots which give gamers a sneak peak at everyone’s favourite detective in action.

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jmobley2390d ago

man I still need to play this game

NukaCola2390d ago

It's pretty damn birilliant. I suggest finding it cheaper now, and then scooping up the Rockstar Pass on PSN or XBL Market. It will get you access to all the content out for it up to this newest DLC. Definitely worth it.

jmobley2390d ago

i'm waiting for my friend to let me borrow it. He said I could play it in august haha

rmoar2390d ago

I can always use more reefer...madness in my life.

DanielComfort2390d ago

Maybe Phelps can take down the other Phelps.