CVG - EA building for next Dead Space

CVG - EA studio Visceral Games is ramping up work on the next Dead Space game, if fresh job advertisements are anything to go by.

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egidem2713d ago

Frostbite 2?? Here's hopping to them fixing or revamping the multiplayer. It's shallow and very imbalanced.

SKUD2713d ago

I'm hopping they ditch MP all together to focus ONLY on single player. It never needed MP to begin with. Co-op maybe if they pull together a good story again.

Hellsvacancy2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I rented DS2, i wasnt disappointed by that choice either, i LOVED the first game but KNEW the sequel was gonna be a lesser game than the original, and in MY opinion (which means nothin to YOU) it was ...

Ill more than likely skip DS3

Edit: Egidem, it was because i knew what to expect, dark tunnels, monster crashin through air vents etc, ive experianced the thrill/terror already thoroughly with the first game, the point of the Dead Space series is to "scare the player" how can you make someone jump if they know whats about to happen? didnt work for me

I didnt dislike DS2, it was cool, it had "some" cool moments but was just plain "ok" not "AWESOME" like the 1st game

egidem2713d ago

I loved DS2, though I can understand where your disappointment came from. It wasn't a significant improvement over the 1st one, just slightly longer campaign. Here's hoping to an improvement in DS3.

Quagmire2712d ago

My complaint was that they completely destroyed the atmosphere in DS2, which was a crucial part of what made DS1 so amazing.

Instead of closed corridors, we got large open spaces. Instead of small creepy crawlies, we had too many big brutes and large creatures. The brute in the first game was absolutely terrifying. In DS2, the were mere obstacles.

Also, There was maybe a max of about 5 characters in DS1, in comparison to the many you interact with, and the many more you see around the place. It didnt make me feel alone.

Another thing I dislike was the fact they gave Isaac a voice. His character was definitely an interesting break from the norm by having him completey silent (save for screaming). He was annoying in DS2.

And the MP sucks, throw that out, and focus on SP DLC, or just more story.

SKUD2713d ago

I agree with Hells. DS2 just didn't have the same feel as DS1 (creepy). Thanks to gamefly though I don't have to live with that decision. On to the next game.

slavish32713d ago

can't wait.

ps please add co-op and horde mode

Quagmire2712d ago

Whoever thought Competitive MP for a zombie-like game mustve been retarded. 4 player co-op horde mode/missions wouldve been ace.