Metro: Last Light teasing something 'VERY cool' for next week

SystemLink: "I have a bit of an obsession with Eastern European gaming companies. GSC Game World, 1C Company, 4a Games; there's something so unique about their games, their themes, and usually, the unifying factor of their gritty, terrifying survival horror games. Which is why I'm massively excited for Metro: Last Light."

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Blaze9292690d ago

Probably won't be that cool then. Although, I am very much do looking forward to this game. 2033 was great

Hazmat132690d ago

cuz of this game i got my own M15 (or M16) israel military issue gas mask. WOO!!!

TheDivine2690d ago

Cant wait metro 2033 was one of my fav games. Reminded me of half life mixed with fallout. Il get this baby day 1.