Five Reasons Battlefield 3 Will Trump Modern Warfare 3

PlanetXbox360: A couple of days ago we here at PlanetXbox360 covered the battle between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 from the side of Activision's shooter. This time we've turned the tables and will be discussing why Battlefield 3 is the superior title. So... without further ado, here are five reasons that Battlefield 3 will conquer the titan that is Modern Warfare 3.

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Dart892717d ago

For me.
2.Dedi servers
3.Great visuals
4.Destructable environments
5.More dinosaurs :D.

Hanif-8762717d ago

Its simply better in everything and i bet the story will be alot better too!

ATiElite2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Hasn't every website on the Internet written this article at least 3 times by now? Every 2 hours i swear this crap pops up.

I'll be glad when BF3 comes out not just so i can play it but so no more BF3 vs. COD articles.

socomnick2717d ago

On pc it will trump mw3.

On consoles though, they both will suck.

Both gimped to low player counts, both with small constrained maps, both just lite versions.

Hockeydud192717d ago

Do you not understand? If a gamer has consoles they don't give a shit about computers. And computer owners don't give a shit about Consoles. So quit your trolling.

Solo2272717d ago

Battlefield maps are hardly "constrained" even on consoles

Bladesfist2716d ago

@solo227 Dice has said their will be smaller maps on consoles, I think thats what he meant

UltimaEnder2717d ago

I'm actually looking forward to both but man Battlefield 3 looked solid at E3!

Hufandpuf2717d ago

Coming from an Xbox 360 site, they should not be expecting PC-like graphics. This is coming from someone who will likely get BF3 on 360 or PC (If the PC gods bless me)

wordthrower2717d ago

Are they expecting PC quality graphics? If the article you apparently didn't read is anything to go by, no, they aren't. They actually commented on the graphics predictably not being PC quality but still "leagues above Modern Warfare".

femshep2717d ago

only reason

its battlefield

call of duty is a 2007 piece of crap, Battlefield stays with the times

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The story is too old to be commented.