The Downfall Of Buying Used Games (ObnoxiousGamer)

Buying used games has become a much larger facet of gamer’s lives now more than ever, with prices hovering around 60 for most new games and some older games still floating in the 40′s range. Since the inception of “single-use” DLC codes, many gamers are now left out on even more of a limb in purchasing games, knowing if they desire to play it online they will have to commit an additional $10 to buy the game. This proves to be a problem, and now may become the downfall of used games

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Ares842713d ago

Maybe if new games where somewhat cheaper less people would resort buying used.

But maybe I'm wrong......

showtimefolks2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

because people walk into a gamestop and buy used for 54.99 saving only $5 and than they act like they doing the devs a favor by buying their game

that's why i am in favor of EA's pass and recently launched PSN pass.

gamestop is making a killing each quarters into billions while people who deserve some part of that money get paid once and that's all

i hope more big and small publishers do that online pass with their games to get extra money back.

sad thing is gamestop does not have a sticker on the game saying you will spend another 410 for online so in reality people spend more or about the same buying used when you consider online pass

also publishers need to understand every game isn't $60 dollars

bulletstorm is a clearn example of what $40 dollar game looks like so is enslaved and stuff

maybe lower the price point of some games with less replay value to get people to buy new early on

Ares842713d ago

So you are telling me that if games cost $39.99 brand new you would still buy a used game instead?

showtimefolks2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

where did i say that. What i said was if some games which many gamers thinks re not worth 60 at launch would be 40 more people will be it at launch.

I try to buy almost every game new i been playing games for 20 plus years and i want this industry to grow

I am with publishers 100% on whatever they do that's why i can't wait till we get to all digital download and cut the middle man out.

Onlive is gonna start coming built in with vizio TV's and that could be the start of a change.

Onlive is a nice service all they need to do is add a lot of servers

so in short since i am on my last bubble i am against used game sales 100%


thank you i agree 100% i rather see taht extra money go towards a better sequel or a bigger new IP

Soldierone2713d ago

I haven't seen used games last at 54.99 lately...Gamestop maybe, but they are targeting everything.

Not everyone is a numbskull and buys it at that price. ALSO realize Gamestop has their program to get 10 percent off, they always have sales on used games, you always get extra trade in credit towards used games...thus making it cheaper and cheaper.

I don't buy a lot of used games, I own maybe two or three used games. However I also can't buy every game new at 60 dollars. I wait till they go on sale at 40 or so dollars, and so do a lot of other people. The developers are the ones that wanted the 60 dollar price tag, they are the ones that made their own sales decline.

Im all for supporting the developers, the problem is they are acting just like the movie industry. They will rid of used games then suddenly piracy will become a MASSIVE problem, and all the closing studios will be blaming piracy, all the fans will blame piracy. Its a never ending game of blame someone else. Its never their own fault...

darksied2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I think the only way to fix this is to implement a fee for selling a used game. If gamestop (or ANY used game retailer) sells a used game for $39.99 - $54.99, they owe the publisher 15% or so of the sale. If you think about the volume that gamestop deals in, you're talking a good chunk of money that can go to the publisher (and in turn they can get rid of online passes, and find out how much their games are traded in which will help them figure out what people don't like about their games or whatnot).

I think there's a 1% chance of this happening, because games are a pretty new medium (media?) and there's not a lot of regulations out there for them. But I think it would be a cool thing that would benefit everyone: gamestop would still be mega rich, publishers can't whine about used game sales and wouldn't need to lay-off as many dev's, gamers wouldn't have to deal with online passes or any of that crap.

Of course, this is all a "perfect world" idea, and has very little chance of happening.

vickers5002711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

"you are wrong
because people walk into a gamestop and buy used for 54.99 saving only $5"

No, you are wrong for thinking that the majority of people do that.

Most people buy from Amazon for like 15+ off the new price, only a handful of people(douchebags) are actually refusing to pay another 5 bucks for a new copy.

"that's why i am in favor of EA's pass and recently launched PSN pass."

Hell, why stop at gaming? Why not invent a feature into automobiles to lock out certain parts of the car, so you can't sell it without wheels or an engine? The people who make automobiles don't see anything from used sales of the car they buil, so hey, why not?

Lets also do the same thing with dvds and music. You can only watch half of the film you just borrowed from your friend, and if you want to watch the other half, you have to pay a 10 dollar fee to see the rest of it! What amazing ideas!

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Morgue2713d ago

I could care less because I rarely play online and if it's one that I do want too play then I'll buy it new.

Godmars2902713d ago

1) The strong negative effect of companies of either trying to gain or eliminate profit from used games is having on the industry in general?

2) That games this gen are of lower overall quality. Have become more reliant on multiplayer and DLC rather than single player and included content.

SilentNegotiator2713d ago


And I'm not against these passes because they stop me from buying used.....I'm against them because they restrict MY COPY of the game, that I may wish to play on multiple consoles, from mine, to a friend's, to a newly purchased SKU.....whatever.

Arthas2713d ago

I hope this is true. Companies like Gamestop are cancers in the game industry. It makes games generate less sales and in turn means a lesser product from that dev in the future. I hope this helps run 2nd hand game shops out of business.

DarkBlood2713d ago

i was going to trade in my 80 gb ps3 limited bc seeing how as they sell that one for 249 dollars but only to find out id only get A WHOLE FREAKING 15 BUCKS FOR IT thats a 200 percent markup so i figured i might as well keep it

at the most i manage to use the hairdryer trick to get it working then deactivated my ps3 tied to my account

gonna pick up a slim bundle today

DarkBlood2712d ago

wow well its different in canada theres no 60 gb model but damn well gamestop likes to rippppppppppp you a new one lol

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