Live for Windows: Providing No Value to the Consumer

Aeropause has an editorial about the lack of value in the Live for Windows initiative.

"So looking at this, users have been asked to pay for a $50 membership to Live for two games at this point. How does Microsoft think they can pull the wool over the eyes of so many PC players? For someone like myself, that has a Live account via my 360; it is not a big deal as I get access to both systems for the same price. But if I did not have my 360, I would be asked to pay $50 to play two games."

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BubblesDAVERAGE4062d ago

Online gaming started out free and should be so..I hate they way they have it set up over there at MS you pay to play online and alos there are micro transactions for extra content...and on top of that you are already paying for that internet connection you got...thats just my MO

Omegasyde4061d ago

Yea I agree. IT almost time to renew my XBL subscription in December, but I think I might actually hold off until January or February since there is a lot of PS3 exclusive games that have great multiplayer. Unreal should keep me entertained and Haze looks alright and then you have the new DLC for Warhawk which so desperately needs along with motorstorm... then there is COD4 (which ever console version of COD4 is better I will buy that one)

But then again if the Halo 3 DLC comes out and they fix the sword glitch...MS can have my money.

Bladestar4062d ago

The only thing worst than a Sony fanboy... is a sony fanboy that is stupid to understand the service he is writing about...

"But if I did not have my 360, I would be asked to pay $50 to play two games"... uhh... no..

Let me try to make it clear for those stupid sony fanboys are still not getting it.

Xbox live Games for windows cost $0 if you want to play online... cost nothing... nada! You are free to play against any PC gamer... you are able to send messages to any xbox live user (xbox 360 or not)... you are able to send messages, you have achivements, etc.. .all for free...

Now, if you want to play cross-platform... example.. you want to play xbox 360 vs PC... than you have to have a gold account... since xbox 360 requires gold account to play games... get it?

Currently PC gamers not using Games for windows can't play against xbox 360 gamers or any other console for that matter... so it goes down to ... if you want to play against xbox 360 gamers you have to pay $50...

Now, honestly I think it's dumb to do so... what PC gamer will pay to play console gamers? So, don't keep the service free... don't play console gamers..

Now, if you have already an xbox live account.. because you own an xbox 360.... you already have a gold account... so.. you can deside where you want to play your games... and you get to have achivements and single login account for the PC or the xbox 360.

tethered4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Why would anyone want to pay to play 360 owners when there are many, many PC players already?

Great way for Microsoft to make more money off of stupid people I guess.
Great business move. Milk the loyalist dry.

mclazyj4062d ago

You are correct that a silver account is free and you will be allowed basic server browsing with that account. It will also allow you to get single player achievements.

But to get the true multiplayer experience (achievements, matchmaking, cross-platform play) you need a Gold account. You are mistaken to think that Cross-platform play is the only difference in the two accounts. If you look at the chart on this page, you will see the differences - http://www.gamesforwindows....

As for being a Sony fanboy, I would have to disagree. I actually am a dyed in the wool PC gamer. I want Live for Windows to succeed, because I want to earn achievements for with my PC gaming skills. I do own a PS2, but I will never own a PS3, due to cost and little in the way of gaming value. I do have a 360, but it get more use as a DVD player than a gaming console. If you would like to see my collection of games to verify this claims, please visit my gamestop profile -

Irving4062d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Lol at Bladestar aka 'Fanboys are gay". How many accounts do you have on N4G? Checkout this guys post yesterday and his GT

You play pirated games on 360 and then come here to brag about Live? Someone might just report your GT to MS.

Bolts4061d ago

The worst thing than a Sony fanboi is a MS fanboi who doesn't know WTF he's talking about. Answer this question, why the hell would any PC gamer want to pay a fee so he can play against Xbox gamers? Even more importantly, assuming he's dumb enough to want this, what games would he play?

Live sucks so bad that even the "free" service is useless. The crappy MS achievements are completely meaningless in the PC world because unlike the Xbox which is monopolized Microsoft, PC gaming is not centralized. There is no gaming gateway to the internet.

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nomad1174062d ago

Well ya thats the bladestar we have come to know his total fanboy self sometimes he neutral when he is low on bubbles just to get more but when he has bubbles he's his regular self

jackdoe4062d ago

Live for windows really is a big scam. The PC is an open platform and MS shouldn't be trying that kind of crap on the PC users. They are smarter than that.

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