Planetside 2: First Details

IGN spoke with the President of SOE and the creative director of Planetside 2 to get the scoop on Planetside 2.

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Wizziokid2692d ago

"stay tunned" in response to the PS3 question? please release it on PS3, please!

ATiElite2691d ago

Sorry buddy but this is a PC Exclusive.

SOE is going for the one server concept with AAA graphics, Nvidia Physx, and some other ambitious features not yet released....

so 1000's of Gamers in one area with high end graphics and physx is something only the PC can do.

The silver lining is Sony will work out the bugs and get the PS4 ready for AAA MMO's like this next Gen

coolbeans2692d ago

IF it heads to PS3, this could very well be THE console MMO to try out.

deerain2691d ago

Unfortunately its not on ps3 I just hope my laptop can run it :) Planetside is one of my favorite games and this is a long time coming :)