Fallout: New Vegas - Massive Update is online

Bethesda has published a new, massive patch for its RPG Fallout: New Vegas. Check out the Changelog.

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NukaCola2713d ago

I put a thread up in the forums. Saving you the translating ass pain, here is the list.

One of the biggest patches I have ever seen in the amoung of fixes.

Everything in this 293MB(Which isn't really too big in file size) patch is supposed to make the game a lot better.

Has anyone played this since it downloaded?

I think this is best time to pick it up now. It has lots of issues but it's still a brilliant game. Hope this patches fixes it for everyone.

Blacktric2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

"Repair kits can no longer repair to 100% condition"

This is the only thing I don't like about this patch. I mean why the hell would they do this? It's not like repair kits or parts to create them are too easy to find. Not to mention they were our only viable option to repair unique weapons.

Edit: It's still a bad decision if you ask me. It's much better to carry 5-10 weapon repair kits than carrying or looting weapons to repair your unique weapon or paying thousands of caps for vendors to repair them. I hope they can still repair weapons to "at least" %75 mark.

TheBand1t2712d ago

there's only one weapon in the energy weapons class that can be jury rigged and that's the holorifle...and explosives can't be repaired with other explosives

other than that jury rigging covers most of the weapons in the game

Arthas2712d ago

Just platinumed this baby a few days before the patch. Lame

EazyC2712d ago

F:NV is the type of game you could play well over 5 times (to level cap), and still find new stuff, especially new dialogues/missions etc.

So much content in there, what a game! Shame about it's graphics I guess, but hopefully a Fallout 4 made with Skyrims engine could change that. I just hope Obsidian get to co-make it with Bethesda, as they obviously make a richer, more engrossing story that stays true to Fallout canon (seeing as many employees actually came from Interplay, the original Fallout devs)

elite-shot2712d ago

does this mean i can force my companion to come back now? because he disappeared and i couldnt find him for ages and is the main reason i stopped playing because i could only have one companionand that was either rex or ed-e!

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2712d ago

Oh, almost a year after the release ... Bethesda, what about putting a good game on the market when it' s ready as much as a lot of truly good developers? Tsk.

BattleTorn2712d ago

I am so disappointed in FalloutNV.

So what that the issues get fixed a year later...
Rage is almost out.

I hope Bethesda learn a few valuable lessions, and I'm having big doubt about Obsidian.

Yes Obsidian makes great story, but they seem to consistantly fall short of their challenge (KotorII)
As if when developing they say 'no we don't need to work on that' because the story is wonderful.

Im so mad about NV that im past attempting to play it again, I'll wait for Fallout4.

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