The 25 Most Diabolical Video Game She-Villains

Complex: Sirens. Succubae. Witches. Grenades. Mankind has created multiple templates of raw femininity, primarily to have a medium on which to project their awe and fear of vaginas. True to classic form, the modern game villainesses with whom we grew up have run the full gamut from mother figure to pure malevolence.

It’s not always about motivation. Sometimes evil is evil, especially when it comes to entertainment. But even game designers have come to realize that few people—regardless of gender—were born as pure, gale forces of fuckery. Look, we’ll never be rid of cardboard cut-outs of scantily clad women doing bad things; that would be a futile attempt to override human nature. What’s encouraging, though, is that games—so often castigated for simplistic representations of race, violence, and sexuality—have occasionally presented us with villainesses as empathetic as any other character, fictional or real. So it's time for a roll call to honor 25 of the most memorable game she...

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MrSpace2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Ultimecia was a bitch to take down the first time you played the game. It's nice to see some FF8 love for once.

I know they've denied it but I still think that Rinoa could be Ultimecia, I think the only reason Sqaure have denied it now, even though theres a load of refrences in the game, is because people would think that the game dosen't really end up on a happy ending since Rinoa will end up becoming evil.

I think they should make a sequel set around this, it would be nice to see them go off on a mission to change the future so Rinoa dosen't become Ultimecia, we could see a world which, after what happened to Edea, the galbadian army try to kill anyone who is a sorceress including Rinoa. I think it would make more sense if changing the future for Rinoa isn't the main priority but something else is like a war between Galbadia and Esther. The paradox thing can just be worked round the multiverse theory.

Pozzle2508d ago

I personally don't agree that Rinoa is Ultimecia (I prefer to think of her as a persecuted sorceress who gained enough power to destroy the world -and the human race- in every timeline), but I do think she doesn't get enough love. The main reason I hear people say they don't like her is because "she randomly pops up in the end with no backstory", but I never understood that complaint because she was the main villain since disc one. Sure, she was pulling the strings through Edea...but it was still Ultimecia. She was a genuinely good villain imo...and had a pretty awesome final boss battle. Dare I say, one of the best final boss battles in the entire Final Fantasy series.

I liked Seifer too. He was horribly under-used towards the end of the game. His rivalry with Squall could have been a great plot if it had been expanded upon. (It would have been awesome if he had been sent through the Time Compression too, to become Ultimecia's "knight" in the future.)

MrSpace2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I like to think she was because the theory someone came up with online was so good I just wanted it to be true. Plus it would of meant a story for Square to have in a sequel.

The theory said something along the lines of Rinoa lives longer then her friends since she's a sourceress, her friends die and even her knight...Sqaull. As Squall dies she takes his ring and creates the strongest GF Griever (due to grief) because of GF's power making people forget memories overtime she forgets everything (even her name), but Rinoa still has that feeling of loosing someone which gives her the motivation to compress time....etc. It's much longer the theory but you get the point.

Yeah I think she was the hardest boss, that is if you don't know how to use the junction system to your full advantage and don't have the ultimite weapons. Seifer should of been the warm up boss before Ultimecia but it's just a one on one match.

I think the game deserves a sequel and even a prequel set in the sourcess war with Laguna (which leads up to him becoming president of Esther).

It's funny mostly everything about FF8 is under appreicheated because people make up complaints like the one you mentioned about Ultimecia. Theres the complaint about the junction being "too hard" yet everything says they knew how to get 9999 helth etc, Squall being an emo when Cloud was a bigger emo then him plus Squall had the best character development in the entire FF series (Lonley, selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader) and then people moaning about the draw system in battle even though it wasn't the only way to draw, I never drew hardly in FF8 and I had a load of magic from draw points.