New F1 2011 Vita Details: Minigames, Multiplayer, Rear Touch Pad Support & Sony Pressure

Dealspwn discovers a host of new details about F1 2011's Vita Port from Codemasters' Andy Grey - including rear touch pad support, minigames and multiplayer restrictions.

Dealspwn: "Codemasters' Andy Gray was on hand to answer some of my questions, which shed new light on the Vita version's functionality. They "just want to make a good F1 game" regardless of format - and with this admirable sentiment in mind, the handheld version will provide a refreshingly hardcore racing experience despite pressure from Sony to include absolutely every feature that the PS Vita has to offer.

See below for the brand new (and exclusive?) details, questions and answers - as well as new intel about the rear touch pad support and new bite-sized challenge modes."

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FuzzyPixels2690d ago

That rear touchpad is a pile of crap. It doesn't surprise me that Sony are heavily pressurising devs to utilise the gimmicks on the Vita, but to be honest, the USP of having two tactile analogue sticks AND a touchscreen would have been enough!

Blues Cowboy2690d ago

Don't know about that, it'd be great if Codemasters do decide to use it for gear changes. The hand position might be a lot more comfortable than using the bumpers?

MaxXAttaxX2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@Blues Cowboy
Agree. It could even be used as L2/R2.

Besides, what proof do you have that it's "crap"?
There are several games that will be making good use of it.

sinncross2690d ago

The rearpad allows a user to use both the touch controls and traditional controls of the device simultaneously, and additionally could be used as an L2 and R2 button since it is multipoint. This is, unsurprisingly, where many players put the gear up and gear down buttons on a controller, so gearing with the touchpad is actually not a bad idea.

CaptCalvin2690d ago

I would actually gear with the bumper buttons buttons though, leaving the touch pad for throttle and brake. This opens up the possibility for adjustable throttle and brake.

Ddouble2690d ago

The rear touchpad as a flappy paddled gearbox actually sounds good. I hope they put it in the final build

MasterCornholio2690d ago

On portables the Vita version is the one to get.