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StartWars2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Since when do F1 cars do wheelspins off the line?

nix2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

oh.. in this game, it will. i can still notice that the wheels are still floating above the track.

in the last game, it was so bad sometimes i used to wonder if i'm driving a hovercraft. after watching replay on GT5, these replays really suck.

what a boring bare-looking trailer. absolutely no visual splendor.

likedamaster2692d ago

Agreed on all counts. No incentive to purchase over 2010, which I already have. Bah, maybe I'll cave just to say I've got the latest one.

joffa812692d ago

F1 cars do still wheelspin but they now have a double clutch system to stop it.

Have a look here at 37 seconds in

kza2692d ago

Looks the same as last years, i wont be spending £40 on this anyway!

mcstorm2692d ago

I think this looks better than last years game. Cant wait for this and Forza 4 going to be another good year for racing fans.

CaptCalvin2692d ago

OMG different racing wheels on different the cars!!! Looks like they're starting to put as much effort into this as Sony Liverpool did in the past

ShinFuYux2691d ago

Well, it's not console worthy but it's Vita worthy.

I'm getting this fosho.