AT&T Not Providing 3G Service To The PS Vita Outside Of The US?

Gamers in Europe may not have to worry about AT&T as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has "equivalent partnerships", says Andrew House.

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ConanOBrien2719d ago

It may translates that countries other than US may prefer Wifi version over 3G version.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago

It is expected as AT&T is only a US company.
Besides, the article also states that Europe has "equivalent partnerships". Same can be expected for other countries.

Just_The_Truth2719d ago

i'm torn on whether to get the 3g ver. or wifi. thing like near, gps, party, access to psn, skype, remote play, cloud etc. are really making this tough.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Well some of that can be accessed with the WiFi version (given that you have a WiFi hotspot around).

MasterCornholio2718d ago

I really want the 3G version. But if i have to get a contract to buy it then forget it WiFi for me. Sucks that the WiFi version doesn't have GPS.

remanutd552718d ago

well i have pre ordered the 3G version for me and wifi version for my little nephew

Soldierone2716d ago

Since I have an Android phone I dont entirely need all the GPS features and what not. Yeah its nice to have in one little package, however I can allow this to be purely for games.

If we need a contract for 3G with AT T then im keeping my Wifi only pre-order. However if they announce we are able to buy 3G and activate it on Verizon or elsewhere then ill buy that one instead. Just waiting for the announcement.