Planetside 2 bringing “2011 AAA graphics quality” to MMOs – Sony

Latest tech finally allows SOE to do justice to Planetside 2, says Creative Director, with a brand new engine designed specifically to bring the “AAA visual effects and physics” you’d expect from a modern FPS to the massively multiplayer world of Planetside 2.

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theonlylolking2690d ago

This game might be pretty good.

Gray-Fox-Type02690d ago

That would be incredible! That could of PS3s killer multiplayer game! Liking the idea of huge warfare! on huge environments with huge player count with vehicles will be incredible! Planetside did it and Planetside 2 needs to come on PS3 :D

zootang2690d ago

How did I not know about this?

deadpoole2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I have never heard of this game ... WTF!!!! Ive been comin to N4G religiously everday .... why am I reading about it first time.

Edit: is it coming over to PS3 ????

cervantes992690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I hope they decide to bring it to PS3. This and Starhawk would be epic!

Or - maybe launch on PS4 :)

BeastlyRig2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


Fun fact: PlanetSide 1 the World Record holder for most simultaneous players on a single server for a FPS game.

"Sony Online Entertainment was not aware that there was a "record" being kept for simultaneous gameplay, but since it has now come to our attention, we would like to point out that PlanetSide has routinely hosted almost 500 players in a single zone, and regularly reaches 2,000 simultaneous players on a single server since the game launched on May 18, 2003."

- http://www.planetside-unive...

2000 players!! This is a MASSIVE ACTION GAME!

The new one will have thousands of players online!

When it comes to mmo's pc is where the money is anyway..

JsonHenry2690d ago

I played the original forever ago on PC and it was pretty darn good for the time.

Wizziokid2690d ago

from IGN "When asked whether Planetside 2 would be PC only or if it would make it to the PS3 (where it could be very well suited), Smedley and Higby told me to "stay tuned." That's far less than an outright denial, but it's also no confirmation. Planetside 2 for the PS3 could well be in the works, but for now it seems we'll have to do as they say."

it's not a no which is a positive thing.

unless the PS4 is coming sooner than we think it could make it on PS3, but if the rumors are true about the PS4 releasing next year, it could launch on that.

Bonobo123452690d ago

"PS4 releasing next year"

'PS4 announcement next year'


DEATHSTROKE-cro-2690d ago

nice. so,it COULD be on ps3

I hope so

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The story is too old to be commented.