Chris Avellone would like to make Planescape 2 - but not "Torment 2"

Planescape: Torment is one of the most revered RPGs ever created. Could there ever be another one? Obsidian’s Chris Avellone would like make a Planescape sequel – but it’d be different to Torment, he says.

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Christopher2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Story-wise, Torment 2 would be a bit hard to do well, IMHO.

I would love, love, love, love, love, love, love, to see the same writing team get back together to make another game. Don't let BioWare do it, though. Their "formula" is enjoyable, but doesn't work for a Planescape game. I'm fine with Obsidian guys doing the story, just replace the leads as they're the ones who keep making the major mistakes in their games.

sonicsidewinder2571d ago

A lot of possibilities for the Planescape universe.

mobijoker2571d ago

I think there is something going on with so many talks about this game lately.
Make planescape 2,torment 2 or just re-release the game with graphics overhaul-its second 1 buy from me...because that's the big daddy of all

hano2571d ago

Please Please Please Chris, do it!!!