Pachter doesn't expect Sony to make money off of PSN Pass

XMNR: Sony became the first of the console makers to announce plans for an online pass system similar to what publishers such as Electronic Arts and THQ already use. The one-time use code to access online play is seen as a means to combat used game sales. Is it a money maker though? Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter doesn't believe so.


Article updated with Pachter's expanded comments on why the PSN Pass is not timed well and how it will affect new game sales.

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coolbeans2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I'd like to hear his definition of "money maker". Technically, all Sony needs to do to make money on this is have 1 person buy a 1-use pass online. Call it minor if you will, but that's a few more dollars going towards the publisher and it can add up pretty quickly.

When will this guy get off the air? :P

rabidpancakeburglar2715d ago

Yes but we all know that pachter never gets it wrong, so I think Sony might be buggered


Army_of_Darkness2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Why?! Because i think everyone will just buy the exclusive games new simply because they usually drop to the $30 range within less than a year anyways... Im assuming that's the soul purpose. Why spend $10 for a pass when you can spend $20 more for everything right!?

gamingdroid2715d ago

The amount of money they will make of this is insignificant. How many copies does a game sell? 2 million usually. Then out of those how many get re-sold and how many are willing to pay for the pass?

I think as a first party, Sony should be pushing their platform as much as possible and not put restrictions, but that is my opinion.

maniacmayhem2714d ago

@ army_of

When the game drops to 30 and you pick it up then how do you think the multiplayer will be. More than likely it'll be a ghost town. Resistence doesnt have the legs that a CoD or BF does.

I'm afraid that when you wait down the line for the price to drop, everyone else will have moved on to the next fps.

tdogg060519912714d ago

Why does Patcher think Socom is the only robust PS3 game online?

hesido2713d ago

"When the game drops to 30 and you pick it up then how do you think the multiplayer will be. More than likely it'll be a ghost town. Resistence doesnt have the legs that a CoD or BF does.

I'm afraid that when you wait down the line for the price to drop, everyone else will have moved on to the next fps."

So true, and thanks to this online pass, the servers will be deserted faster than previous resistance games. So, people who buy it late will not buy the online pass anyway. So no money for Sony there. People who would buy it later date with the online pass would also be reluctant, because there will *surely* be less people to play with. They may not buy the game at all, so it may cut the legs even shorter! So looking at the overall picture, it will be bad for the franchise, and Mr. Pachter isn't so wrong after all.

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mindedone2715d ago

If one person buys a pass at 10 dollars, but it cost them 10 dollars to develop and maintain the system, security, code database, and such, then they haven't made any money. So it's not as simple as "hav[ing] 1 person buy a 1-use pass online."

Ducky2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

It also takes one person who decides to not buy a game due to the pass (not sure why someone would do that, but meh) to counter that gain.

EDIT @coolbeans
From what I've understood, some people don't buy the game because they don't want to promote that kind of behaviour from publishers. (So, a boycott basically)

coolbeans2715d ago

Good counter-argument to that; although, I don't get why someone would miss out on a good/great/amazing game solely thx to the PSN Pass. Seems like they didn't have that much interest in the game to begin with.

Schade2715d ago

I am one of those people not purchasing although I loved the hell out of the first two. As I posted in another R3 thread, this is my only way to speak to Sony/Insomniac.

Consumers have been $%^! on long enough long enough IMO. I am not demanding that everyone else do the same, but my release day purchase went to a definite maybe when it hits the bargain bin.

There are too many competing FPS titles that will be equal or better for online experience released in the same window. I could see it if CoD did this as they have market share. A first party title trying to get their meager piece of the pie... not so much.

cyclonus0072715d ago

Boycott makes no sense to me because the only way you are effected by the Pass is if you were never going to buy the game new. If you wanted to buy it used, the publisher gets no money for that sale so the purchase might as well never existed. I buy the games I really want new anyway and if I buy a used game it's usually for the single-player.

AKissFromDaddy2715d ago

I'm interested in Resistance. I bought the Resistance Dual Pack because I got a PS3 last September.

But I'm skipping Resistance 3 because I can't let my cousins and friends use it without paying.

On another note, I'm excited for BF3 but if EA put there pass on this game, I'd buy Modern Warfare 3 and I don't want to buy that game.

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Inside_out2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

People will view this as nothing more than a money grab. The people that will mostly be affected by this are the ones that don't like PAYING for online. Many sales of the PS3 were attributed to being a cheap blu-ray player ( not the case anymore ) and the FREE online. Now that Sony is doing a round about scam at making people pay to play, because that's what this is and the FACT that this is only being applied to Sony exclusives, this will in fact HURT the fanboys and people that choose PS3 over the other case you haven't figured it out, Sony just made a very dumb move.

Kur02715d ago

Go fuck yourself, all the game studios are beginning to implement anti-used game online passes.

Thoreau2715d ago

hater, hater, hater....

jdfoster002715d ago

I don't get everyone complaining about this... I mean when I bought Fifa 11 pre owned from GAMESTATION an online pass came with it... I didn't pay for pass, gamestation did... Also If I wana bring to a friends I have to sign into my acount instead of his. Which IS ANNOYING! As a consumer I don't like it but If you think about it from a business prospective it makes sense to implement such as system.

Eddie201012715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

This PSN pass thing is probably more for persuading people to buy new copies rather than making money off used copies.

They normally make no money from used game sales so they get no new revenue for that person to play online. It cost money to run online servers. The person that get the game used get all the benifit without supporting the company, publisher and developer of the game.

The companies that sell and trade used games are the
one's that are greedy. They should have to give a royalty for every game sold within a year of it's newly released date.

maniacmayhem2714d ago

So just because the consumer wins for once thats an excuse for us to bend over and take it up the pie hole?!

I really cant believe people are saying this. People are acting like sony is this big charity company that runs on rainbows and hugs. No folks sony is a mult billion dollar company. They can loose billions and still have money to throw around. And now sony is implementing this pass to FORCE the user to buy new. But this is okay right because hell we're supporting the developer right?

I use to have Devil may Cry4, Disgaea 3, Uncharted 1 and Gears of War2. These games are all finished and old as dirt. There is no more support for these games. No dlc, nothing, dont you think the developer or sony/ms should buy them back from me. I mean hell i supported them and bought when they were new right? Oh yea, they wont only gamestop will.

Eddie201012714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

How does the consumer win? Gamestop buys your used games for around a third or less what it cost new and then sells the games for five dollars less than it's retail value.

But Gamestop and other retailers that buy and sell used games aren't greedy.

maniacmayhem2714d ago

How is it any different from cars, tvs or selling back anything used?

should used video games get special treatment.

Everyplace that buys used items turns around and sells it for a higher price.

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Snowii2715d ago

hell no!

i hate online passes

news4geeks2715d ago

I think it's the best thing to ever happen to gaming.

darren_poolies2715d ago

I predict that Pachter is going to be wrong.

Hey where is the article about my prediction!

bozebo2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

hmm... it must have dedicated servers then. Otherwise how do they justify charging people for using other people's bandwidth? (peer 2 peer). Oh... M$ already do that one.

Simco8762715d ago

When next gen comes... PS4 will have a paid online service like Xbox Live... why not just wait till then?

BabyTownFrolics2715d ago

i guess anything is possible

MysticStrummer2715d ago

Why? How many of the features that make XBL "better" are features that really require a monthly fee to make happen?

Ethereal2715d ago

This has nothing to do with paying for the service. It discourages second hand sales.

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