The Game Effect | Shadows of the Damned review

Shadows of the Damned is an incredibly streamlined, and totally compelling experience. It’s weird, funny, and most importantly, fun. The shooting is functional, the levels leave you no room to get lost, and the RPG elements (if you can even call them that) are clear and simple. This isn’t a game to play if you are looking for a western style shooter with lots of opportunities to build your character and explore the world. It’s pretty short, too, even if you are going out of your way to track down every red gem. Shadows of the Damned is, however, a game to play if you want to see an incredibly realized world with interesting characters, a fun combat mechanic, and just general strangeness.

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Snowii2693d ago

really hated the game

the maps are small its boring and kitchy

and it just dosent seem fun

NukaCola2693d ago

You hated the you played it?

Maps? huh?

"doesn't seem fun" Seems is refering to a though on something you havent truly experienced.

Either you are posting you comments in the wrong thread or your just totally bonkers mate.