Mass Effect: Second hands-on impression from Che Chou

Che Chou, a former 1UP/EGM editor who now works for Turn 10 Studios as a game developer, posted a new hands-on impression of Mass Effect in NeoGAF as "chespace" after ten hours of playing the game. Here are some highlights of his second impression:

• "It just keeps throwing [snip!] at you to do. I'm about 10 hours into the game and I've barely even touched the main quest..."

• "Vehicular combat is also very satisfying. There's also a 'hood view' for the moon buggy... Makes it REALLY immersive when you're exploring new worlds or an ancient ruin..."

• "Different planets have different climate effects. I went to one planet where it was having a meteor shower or something..."

• "Every character in the galaxy has been unique so far, and [snip!] WOW at the graphics/acting/voiceover for the most part... it was like watching a gorgeous CG movie where you can somewhat control the outcome of events."

• "This is next gen RPG folks."


In addition to the second impression, Chou posted a series of short replies to inquiries from other NeoGAF users who had questions about specific aspects of Mass Effect. Highlights:

• "Oh my dear god, this game is amazing so I can see myself leaving COD4 in its wrapper until I'm done with Mass Effect." (#58)

• "KOTOR doesn't hold a dying matchstick to Mass Effect so far, simply on the merit of gameplay alone." (#69)

• "Some crappy pics from my crappy phone camera. Seriously does not do Mass Effect justice." (#156)

• "Here's a little note on the space exploration -- it ROCKS. I was jumping around different systems, and I came upon this distress signal. So I decided to check it out..." (#156)

• "The lighting and atmosphere in this game is off the fucking hook. Every planet has its own look, and from what I've seen so far, there are a ton of planets... I've poked around 1 system and have already found 2 really big random worlds." (#156)

• "You can go anywhere. Seriously. Those mountains in the background, you can climb them." (#163)

• "This game is like a modern day Starflight. Except infinitely better." (#169)

• "There are some indoor area backgrounds (like the occasional sign) that might catch your eye, but you will never see jaggies on stuff like character models/faces, vehicles, weapons, etc." (#177)

• "Just another note. The music is fantastic. Total ambient '80s synth a la Vangelis, Cabaret Voltaire and early Front 242 (think Geography LP era). I need this soundtrack!" (#245)

• "Sentinel Worlds is exactly what this game is like." (#265)

See alternative sources for his full replies - his answers to question posted by NeoGAF users are very short except for #156, which includes screenshots from his camera-phone.

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Xbox is the BEST4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Nov. 20th needs to come soon can't wait

socomnick4060d ago

Only 15 more days guys :) hopefully cod 4 will keep me busy :)

Neoninja4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I can't wait for this game. When I finally get it I am not going to be seen or heard from for a month. Man just can't wait. This will be a contender for goty big time. I'm gonna have a stroke waiting for this game. lol.

RRoDx3604060d ago

Wow I can't wait for this major Mass Flop Effect. Jaggies all over the place FTW!

Super Mario Galaxy FTW GOTY

jaja14344060d ago

Your mother dropped you on your head as a baby didn't she?

Xbox is the BEST4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Claim your Prize you are the lucky winner "TROLL" of the day

RRoDx3604060d ago

Don't be mad just because it's jaggies galore. I'm sure your 360 will RRoD right before this game gets released (I can hear you guys panicking already)

dachiefsman4060d ago

while Super Mario Galaxy looks entertaining.....i don't think it is going to hold a candle to Mass and trolling once again cause your a bored fanboy with nothing better to do...I am sure you'll never play Mass Effect just cause you hate the 360...well thats your loss...

Finally...please leave this site no one enjoys your posts!

Dr Pepper4060d ago

@ RRoDx360

Those pics were removed from the site. But seeing as how you're the fanboy that you are, I'm sure you've saved the pictures already.

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LeonSKennedy4Life4060d ago

This ACTUALLY made me want to get this game.

I'm impressed.

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