Dragon's Dogma Preview | TPV

TPV Writer Jonesy Writes: "Dragon’s Dogma is a game being developed by Capcom and it is a open world action RPG title. That’s right! A new genre all on it’s own a ‘OWARPG’, it may sound like the war cry of gas fitter who’s stubbed his toe, but it is looks like it could be a great game. Graphic and style wise it’s looking like a mash up between Monster Hunter and Demon’s Souls."

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Dlacy13g2692d ago

I really want to see this game do well but I fear Capcom will let me down again. Seems lately anything beyond a Street Fighter game has been "meh".

Jonmau52692d ago

You've obviously not played Capcom's Lost Planet 2 then! LOL! No seriously... Hopefully with Dragon's Dogma Capcom can reignite the spark they once had but only time will tell upon the games release...